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From the birth of mankind to the present, there is a profound perception that women are weaker and weaker than men. And it has been stuck as if women have to do household chores and nurture their children. So I am not getting enough opportunities to improve my skills and myself.

These prejudices and perceptions are very slow to change, even after centuries. Even in the modern age, witnessing the advancement of technology, women's rights and human rights are discriminated against, which is affecting even the younger children. For example, putting restrictions on how to dress, act, and talk.

But now the situation is changing. Over the past few years, women have been making efforts to abolish social norms and awareness through social feminist movements. Most recently, the proliferation of mite activism has made them more active in sexual harassment and violence. It also raises the importance of parents' role in raising their daughters. It must be able to teach women to be free from biased perceptions and male-centered thinking and to enjoy the right of women.

World Girl's Day

Every October 11th is the UN World Girl Day. People from all over the world celebrate young girls, and these celebrations are aimed at supporting and empowering young women all over the world. This year's theme focused on overcoming the adversity of girls.

This international event was the first in 2012 to be held at Plan International, a global children's charity that emphasizes the need to address issues affecting young women, such as inequality, child marriage and sexually based violence. In particular, it is important to promote education, medical care and legal rights in developing countries with low passports.

It is now an international event, as the United Nations accepts and acknowledges these thoughts and values ​​of the organization. This year, we aimed to solve the problems faced by women, such as increasing the unemployment rate of women around the world. There is also a need for in-depth discussions on prejudices and prejudices that prohibit women from having the opportunity to build a particular career. The UN said it will continue its one-year effort to attract and attract interest from various partners and stakeholders in one place through its website, which is the most urgent opportunity for girls to acquire skills for their job potential .

There are also many organizations participating in celebrations such as the Malala Fund and Gils Not Brides. Even Disney, the giant in the film industry, participated in the event, and in particular launched a video series called #DreqmBigPrincess in collaboration with UN Girl's Charity Girl Up. Here, women who have succeeded in various industries such as movies and beauty have appeared.

UNICEF also stressed that young women should have equal opportunities with men. In fact, the lack of skills these days makes it difficult for many women to find jobs. They should be able to provide training and opportunities for them to develop their skills and create an environment in which to invest. UNICEF pointed out that it should expand access to comprehensive education and training, improve the quality of education and learning, and responsiveness to girls. In particular, girls with disabilities should create a more inclusive and accessible school that empowers them. She added that girls should be able to acquire skills and job opportunities like boys and still have sexist stereotypes and social norms.

Improve self-esteem for every daughter

In order to achieve all the above-mentioned efforts, parents' role and education should be preceded. It should have a value that can eliminate male-centered social norms and break sexist prejudices and prejudices. At the same time, it should be possible to create an environment in which women can learn to speak in political, economic and cultural terms. Here are some ways parents can increase their daughter's self-esteem.

1. Build communication skills: Your daughter should be able to teach her to express her opinions and feelings clearly. This helps boost confidence.

2. Granting decision-making roles: For many cultures, only men have empowered them to make important decisions in their homes and societies. Parents should involve their daughters in family decision-making so they can develop skills in their decision-making.

3. Leadership Opportunity: It should be taught that not only men have leadership, but women can also be good leaders. This is an important education that not only enhances self-confidence but also affects other women.

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