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[Parenting] Your father’s interest depends on your child’s gender


According to a study by the University of Atlanta Emory, the father confirmed that his daughter tended to be more intimate than the son.

Jennifer Maskaro and her colleagues found that when they interacted with their children, there was a difference in their ways depending on the sex of the child. The study was published in the American Journal of Behavioral Neuroscience.

Research shows that the father is 60 percent more time spent with his daughter and uses five times more time to play or talk with his daughter than the son.

One researcher hypothesized that when a father uses words such as "cry," "loneliness," or "tears," her daughter's empathy grows even more.

Fathers are also influenced by the images they have about gods as they grow, using words such as "face", "fat", "fat" and so on.

The areas of the brain related to MRI scan results compensation and emotion regulation were active in fathers with more diverse facial expressions when they were with their daughters.

Together, the fathers played three times more dangerous games when they were with their sons, and when they were with their sons, the fathers used words related to success or achievement such as "victory", "supreme", "proud"

Fathers seemed less inclined to pay attention to the son's emotional needs. Inferring the consequences, men limit emotions, avoid social closeness, and have a higher risk of depression.

Researchers say the father does not know why he treats his daughter and son differently. One researcher emphasized that emphasizing emotional development is good for everyone as well as for the daughter.

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