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Smoking and addiction among teenagers are on a declining trend, but they are emerging as social problems with the emergence of other new risk factors. It is an electronic cigarette. The use rate of electronic cigarettes has doubled in the last two years. Even if an electronic cigarette is used as an alternative to quit smoking, it can also cause risks of poisoning, illness and death.

In this regard, we disclose what parents should know about e-cigarette children.

Five risks of electronic cigarette

1. Origins of acting

Electronic cigarettes contain carburettors and nicotine cartridges. It creates an aerosol mixture of flavoring liquids and nicotine, the substance that the user inhales. Actually, nothing is burned, so no smoke is generated. What comes out of the unit is steam.

2. Indirect electronic cigarette smoking is toxic

Water vapor released into electronic cigarettes is less harmful than normal tobacco smoke. However, breathing is still harmful. Studies have shown that electronic cigarette emissions include carcinogens and toxic substances, including formaldehyde and metal particles.

3. Tempting appearance

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They may look like traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or they may be found in common devices such as flashlights, flash drives, and pens. Nicotine cartridges have vanilla, chocolate, fruit, pina collada, and bubble gum flavors that are much smarter than nicotine with cigarette smoke and bitter taste.

4. Defective electronic cigarette regulation

Some countries do not place age restrictions on purchasing electronic cigarette equipment. The worst of all is that there is no regulation of nicotine levels, harmful chemicals, and other ingredients in products. Anyone can easily buy it at shops, shopping malls, convenience stores, or even online.

5. Nicotine is fatal

Nicotine liquids, which are used to refill electronic cigarette devices, are sold as packaging materials with colorful colors and sweet smells that can usually attract the attention of young children. Because it looks like a candy flavor, it may look harmless to the human body, but nicotine liquid is a very deadly substance. Drinking only one teaspoon is enough to kill an infant. However, some countries do not regulate nicotine to be a safe packaging for children.

Nicotine is absorbed through three pathways of exposure that are toxic to children. First, if you put it in your mouth without swallowing, nicotine is absorbed into the mucous membrane like gum. If swallowed, it is absorbed into the intestine. If it touches the skin, it is absorbed through the skin like a nicotine patch. When you are addicted to nicotine, you may get the following symptoms:

* throw up

* Fast heartbeat

* Irritation

* Difficulty breathing

* Spitting or creating excessive saliva

If your child has ingested or exposed to nicotine, he or she should take it to your local poison control center or hospital for treatment.

E-cigarette with child

E-cigarettes that bloom during teenage adolescence are often caused by peer pressure. They are forced to associate with friends and naturally smoke electronic cigarettes and think that these behaviors are appropriate to the nature of the group to which they belong.

Parents should be able to discuss the risks of electronic cigarettes in an open and in-depth dialogue with their children. You should open all communication channels that are not just one-off, but allow your child to ask questions at any time. And do not give your child a lot of support.

Here are some examples of conversations that parents can use.

* Parents should be aware that many electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a drug that makes cigarettes addictive. It is good to remind that nicotine spoils brain development.

* E-cigarettes can be a disruption to how the brain develops, and even a strong awareness that they have identified a number of studies that can significantly affect their mood and concentration. Therefore, use a firm yet calm tone to avoid using nicotine-containing products.

* I hope that friends around my child do not smoke electronic cigarettes. It is effective to emphasize that by inhaling water vapor from electronic cigarettes can be exposed to nicotine and chemical substances, resulting in health hazards.

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