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[Parenting] Developing technology solutions that can be felt near family and friends

Photo Source: SFU

Can new technologies make distant family, friends and lovers feel as if they are nearby?

This question is a question raised by the Interaction Research Center at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Under the direction of director Carmen Noystetter, student researchers are looking for a technology solution that prevents them from feeling the distance separating humans.

One team made Flex-N-Feel, a high-tech glove with interconnectedness. The gloves come equipped with Wi-Fi-enabled sensors and a small motor so people can remotely feel their movements made with gloves away.

The researchers said remote users with gloves studied massage, gentle facial stroking, hugging or holding hands together.

The current prototype is only one way remote touch. However, NeitherTeter added a pair of gloves and said that each person would be able to touch each other if they put on their transmission gloves and gloves.

Other student teams likewise focused on sharing experiences.

One team is developing a virtual reality-based videoconferencing system in which the user can "see through the eyes" of other participants.

The Be With Me project allows users to stream video streams to long distance partners at home.

The researchers are also working on innovative telepresence robots that allow couples to work together even when they are far away.

The researchers built a qualified technology robot in several homes in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This robot is connected to other robots in other parts of the world. The researchers study the data stream and monitor how the robot is used. For example, let a couple stay away from a long distance and enjoy a virtual date on Valentine's Day together.

"What we need to focus on is providing connectivity. In this case, we need to provide a kind of physical body. "

"Long-distance love is common today, but we do not have to worry about distance anymore in sharing physical presence and sharing space. We are working on creating next-generation technology solutions for people who can not physically be together. "

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