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It is not allowed to leave a puppy that is plump enough to be cute.

If the dog's abdomen is swollen, it may be a symptom of GDV. The disease is one of the major causes of large-bodied deaths.

The tongue expansion is caused by the accumulation of gas in the abdomen of the dog and the stomach is twisted and the contents inside the stomach are stuck inside. A puppy can not spit out the contents of a stuck vomit or trimming.

GDV causes the stomach to enlarge or swell. Twisted and knotted blood vessels block blood flow to the spleen and stomach. The spleen then squeezes the vein and sends back the blood to the heart, preventing normal blood circulation. If you ignore these symptoms, the puppy may die within a few hours.

Expansion torsion risk

Larger dogs, especially puppies, are more likely to get GDV than other hybrids. In general, not a veterinarian, you do not know why a dog's stomach is twisted. The breed that is most likely to get GDV on record is Great Dane.

According to The Spruce, Great Dane has a 40% chance of getting a GDV before it is seven years old. In addition to large breeds, underweight breeds are also at high risk for GDV.

GDV Causes

The cause of GDV is overeating. If a dog eats food too quickly, it is likely to get GDV, which is also true when drinking water.

Parents usually go out for 10 minutes or so after having a meal with their child and they are surprised. This is also true of dogs. It is also one of the causes of GDV that doing energy-intensive work right after overeating.

GDV is a more terrifying disease that can not be predicted. The reason the stomach is twisted is not yet known, and it is impossible to confirm. However, the details of the expansion are vulnerable breeds and times.

GDV symptoms

If the puppy does not stand still and is unstable, it may be a stomach pain caused by GDV. At this time, puppies seem crying or sniffing and uncomfortable.

Dogs behave like vomiting, but they can not spit anything. In addition, if you notice that the puppy boat has inflated abnormally, you should seek a veterinarian immediately. If left untreated, the last symptom such as shallow breathing, colorless gums, fast heartbeat, etc., eventually die.

What is GDV prevention and cure?

If a dog shows signs of GDV, he should be brought to the hospital as soon as possible.

The veterinarian trains the tube from the dog's airway to the stomach and lowers the air pressure in the abdomen. Also, after finding a way to repair irregular blood flow, correct the position of the stomach. Lastly, you can also incise a spleen or stomach that has become infected and become toxic.

Prevention is always better than cure. If GDV can not be treated early, the key to survival is surgery. If stapling is performed early and effectively, there is no possibility of GDV recurrence. However, in some cases, even after successful treatment, the patient may die without recovering.

GDV prevention

If you can not completely block the onset of GDV, one way is to reduce the cause of the disease. Even if the dog is taken to the vet and the abdominal pressure is lowered, the veterinarian can recommend stomach fixation. This surgery is an operation that permanently fixes the stomach to the body wall, and it does not twist again. If stomach fixation is performed, there is no 90% chance of GDV recurrence.

On the other hand, the surgery is recommended for dogs with Great Dane species and past GDV. Stomach fixation can also be performed in dogs with neutering. If laparoscopic surgery is used for stomach fixation, physical injuries can be reduced and recovery time can be shortened.

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