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[Pets] Care for older dogs

▲ Source = Flickr

Elderly dogs undergo physical changes. It's hard to move, and all the senses start getting dull. An old dog who has given love to his master forever, is there any way he can make it easier?

In fact, old dogs can live more freely and safely even if they change the house a little. Pet MD, a pediatrician, said in the article, "Old dogs are insensitive and their eyesight is not as good as they used to be." It is a good idea to clean the old dog's most of the time. It is better to remove the stuff that the puppy passes through. Older puppies that feel dull can cause accidents.

If the house is a two-story house, make sure that toys, food, water bowls, It is also good to make a triangular ramp so that the entrance can be easily moved up and down. Noon can not see well in the dark. If you place a lamp on a bed, a food basket, a door, etc., you can move easily without bumping into objects.

It is better not to have sharp corners of furniture. Pet MD suggests that "cushions made of soft rubber used in furniture corners can be purchased easily at furniture or infant supplies." This corner corner cushion prevents puppy injuries. A cannon can not control the tail and can knock down something like a vase. Place these things on a high place to prepare for an accident. Also remove small things that may fall on the floor. There is one more caveat. Remove small objects such as coins and buttons. Elderly dogs may misunderstand what they can eat as a snack.

Older puppies need a delicate helping hand. If the puppy is on the sofa and wants to stay next to his owner, cheer him up or push him a little. If you sleep with the owner, leave water, food, and soft lighting in the room. Let's not forget that you are the only dog.

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