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Like humans, animals feel uneasy about the situation. Signals that show signs of anxiety usually start small. They bark, excessively salivate, lick and groom, and if they do not improve, they tend to be destructive or urinate nowhere.

If you see such a depressed and anxious puppy, your mind will be torn. Now let's look at eight ways to cope with dog anxiety.

Causes of anxiety and fear of puppy

There are many reasons why a dog feels anxious and fearful, but it is usually painful or painful due to illness, phobia due to aging or trauma, socialization and environmental exposure, and separation anxiety.

However, these negative symptoms can be alleviated by the caregiver's efforts. Although it may take some trial and error at first, and it may take time, it is desirable to apply treatment options through various options.

1. Massage

Gently massaging the puppy will help relieve anxiety. As sedation and sedation manifest themselves, some dogs can be easily calmed down by massaging their entire body and ears, but some dogs may need the help of a professional massage therapist.

2. Use herbs and supplements

Some herbal and non-prescription supplements are also effective in treating dog anxiety. The most representative herbs are valerian and lemon balm including chamomile, and in the case of supplements, you can choose products that are truly therapeutic. It is recommended, however, that you first consult your veterinarian to determine if the supplements and herbs can be used to treat dog anxiety. Dogs, especially if they are on medication, may be more dangerous because they are toxic.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils are not only helpful in relieving tension in people. In dogs, some essential oils can also act as remedies, and it is a good idea to purchase oils that are available in tincture or static form. However, since there are many essential oils that are toxic to dogs, which are good for humans, the oil should also be purchased with proper consultation with the veterinarian.

4. Pheromone Spray and Diffuser

Dogs are highly developed in their olfactory sense, and it is better to relieve anxiety by using olfactory cures. Pheromone sprayers and diffusers are typical examples of when a puppy is in a stressful situation or feels terrified and afraid. Likewise, it is preferable to consult with a veterinarian first.

5. Listen to calm music

Classical music is actually quite helpful in treating the anxiety of dogs. Even if it is not classical, if you listen to music with a soft, calm and peaceful melody, the anxiety can be settled. However, loud music can add to the anxiety and make it worse.

6. Exercise and training, behavior modification methods

Exercise affects both humans and dogs suffering from anxiety and depression positively. Exercise can produce serotonin, a pleasant chemical, and allow dogs to forget their anxiety by releasing energy from exercise. It is good to remove the anxiety effectively after consultation with experts such as dog trainer and local veterinarian who can treat dog with anxiety profession professionally.

7. Wrapped in blanket or wear related products

It is also easy to use the Thundershirt, an anxiety relief vest, or a thick towel or blanket, to appreciate it in your home. This method gives the dog a comfortable and relaxed environment, which at the same time shudder and frighten his feelings. Once you have trained this way, you can use it in the same situation the next time, which is a big help. When you train, you should always be happy experiences through positive praise and rewards.

8. Making Distractions

If you are a dog that is not always relaxed, it is good to make it distracting and not focusing on fear and anxiety. If a dog focuses on his or her favorite things, such as protectors or other toys, and makes the brain perceive it, it can gradually move away from fear and anxiety.

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