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There are people who believe that cats bring bad luck to people. Even among these superstitions, some varieties are said to bring good luck to their masters. It is a 'japanese rice tail' with short hairs and tails like rabbits.

Japanese homes, shops, and offices often have cat-shaped ceramics ornaments bowing their forelegs. This pottery ornament depicts a Japanese rice terra breed.

Origin of japanese rice tail

Japanese rice tails can not be said to be entirely Japanese varieties like their names. According to an article published on the pet website,, the first Japanese rice terra was a gift from the ancient Chinese emperor to the Japanese emperor. These varieties also lived in ancient Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand.

This breed has been loved in Japan for about 1,000 years. In ancient times, even though it rose to royal status, when silk began to trade, it became an animal that harmed the silk production of the country and was expelled into the streets.

▲ Japanese tail with short tail (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Javanese rice tail brings good luck

It is based on ancient Japanese legends that the Japanese rice terace is a lucky charm. Japanese tribal samba rice tails saved the lives of Japanese samurai.

According to the legend, Japanese Roppetei called the samurai who walked through the paws. When the samurai stepped closer to the cat, the lightning struck the spot where the samurai was. After that, the japanese rice terraces with their paws to symbolize the samurai became a symbol of good luck, and they were made of ceramics and started to decorate each house.

Today, these three-colored cats, known as 'Maneki Neko' or 'Beckoning Cat', are also commonly used to mean good luck in business.

Physical Characteristics of Japanese Rice Terraces

Japanese rice terra is famous for its short tail, which resembles a rabbit tail. Compared to other cats with long tails, Japanese rice terraces have exceptionally short tails.

Special tails appear to be congenital or genetic mutations that caused tail reduction. During the genetic mutation, modern short tail javanese rice tail breeds through selective mating.

Another feature is shorter front legs than hind legs. He also had a triangular head with Oedai's elliptical eyes and a big nose.

▲ White javanese rice tail (Source = Flickr)

What is the nature of Javanese Bobtail?

Javanese Bob Tail is an active, friendly, and clever cat who interacts with his master. This cat makes a loud voice when it communicates with its owner. I enjoy swimming in the water, exploring the house, or playing with toys.

Health of japanese rice tail

Japanese rice terraces are generally known as healthy varieties. However, genetic problems and infectious diseases are vulnerable to other cats, so they should be tested regularly.

Japanese rice tail as a pet

Loving, friendly and playful Japanese rice terra is suitable for families with young children. This breed has a lot of energy and should pay considerable attention. It goes well with other cats as well as dogs.

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