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There are animals that are busy walking around and easy to miss. They are insect-like animals crawling under their feet. But usually humans tend to think of these animals as pests and to avoid them. In addition, some of these are horrible and disgusting to watch, which is enough to cause fear. But in fact, do you know that these creepy and creepy beings can be great pets?

1. African giant snail

This snail boasts a very large size, as the name suggests. It is about 20cm in length and 10cm in diameter, but it is born in small size when it is small. Feeds are eaten with any leafy or greenish fruit or vegetable, especially cucumbers, pumpkin apples, and bananas. Life expectancy can last about 8 to 10 years given adequate care and maintenance.

This African giant snail is not currently sold in the United States. However, it is very popular in the UK. Of course, due to the enormous size, some species reach adult size when they become adults. It is also relatively easy to grow and easy to breed. In the United States, sales are prohibited for these reasons.

2. Great bugs

If you do not look closely at this big bug with a nickname of a cane, you can be confused with a thin twig. Because it is long and thin, cages and breeding grounds of sufficient length and height are necessary to grow. It is recommended to set it three times higher than adult length. The temperature is usually around 25 degrees, but some species can live around 17 degrees. Feed fresh leaves and other plant materials.

The delicate, thin body also requires delicate and gentle handling when handling too, and care must also be taken care of. However, since it is not aggressive, it does not act to bite the guardian. It belongs to a sub-type of insect insects, which means winged animals, but it has no wings. Females can breed without males, camouflaged with branches and change their body color. This is a great help in protecting from predators.

As mentioned above, maintaining proper temperature, nutrition, and humidity for pets, and providing them as natural environments other than those mentioned above, is not a big problem.

3. Warts

A wart is a unique insect with a folded front leg. And I use this bridge to hold food when I eat and eat. It is also characterized by a predator eating other insects and sometimes eating each other.

If you want to grow your pet, it is best to install a tank that is at least twice as large and three times larger than the insect size. Some species are insensitive to temperature changes, but others require specific requirements. For the most common species, African warts, 21 to 30 degrees is best to keep. In the case of food, it has an aggressive tendency and ability to catch prey easily.

The greatest feature of the warts is that they eat males while they are mating. However, this does not always happen. It is less likely to occur, especially if the female has eaten the food.

4. Cockroach

Cockroaches are the concept of grievous and harmful parasites for most people. In fact, of the 4,000 cockroach types, only five are considered pests at home. Cockroaches are often seen in warmer areas, but they do not require harsh conditions because they adapt well to the environment. In addition, some species eat oak trees. It is fast and robust, and can survive for long periods without food. It is possible to dive for up to 30 minutes in the water. And it is much stronger in radiation than in humans.

Pest types can cause an allergic reaction to humans, but the breed types for pets are relatively easy to maintain because they are colorful and interesting in color and size. It is also used in animal trade, and Madagascar cockroach is the most popular. This type of cockroach is very clean, and there are no other harmful bacteria or viruses. However, it is best to keep it in a sturdy, lided cage for a very fast pace. As a tropical animal, you need to maintain a temperature of about 25 degrees.

5. Ants

Ants may not be considered the best choice among pet lists. However, it is easy to see that it is a very attractive animal when it is actually raised. Once you have an ant, you must install an ant house that mimics an actual ant tower. The inside temperature should be kept between 20 and 28 degrees, and should not go below 15 degrees at night. Ants, well known for their diligent animals, are always busy to eat or defend their communities, except for food and water. Some species feed on seeds, while others feed on insects, water, and honey.

It is also a social animal, so it has a hierarchical structure. In the community there is the only queen ant that can reproduce. Other ant species with reproductive powers, however, perform their duties as workers or soldier ants. They communicate through pheromones, sounds, and contacts, and they defend themselves by biting or stabbing.

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