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Puppies are quite different from each other depending on their species. The type of game the dog likes also depends on the age and degree of socialization. Terriers like to play catch-up and shake, and visual-hunting dogs love moving toys. Some people like games like tug of war.

The game world of dogs requires a rich vocabulary, and the process of socialization is the result of communication based on rich vocabulary. So, dogs can tell whether they are fighting or not, depending on the situation.

How puppies play

A puppy grew for three weeks and developed his own way of playing after learning to walk. By 4 weeks, it was observed that both males and females could sit up with their legs open to signal a sexual behavior.

"Once the puppy is able to move, it moves around and begins to play with the siblings," said pet spokesman Hil Spett. For a puppy who grew for three weeks, this is an important socialization process and we learn to be a true dog for our parents and siblings. "

I also learn how to understand obedience and superiority. You learn who to follow and how to deal with other puppies. Although the personality that appears at a young age may be different from the adult dog, the tendency that appears in most dogs is completed in the puppy period. In particular, the sudden jumping or rolling action was learned from the act of catching prey in childhood.

Social play (Socio Play)

Dogs need other children to play social games that require interaction. The US online dictionary site dictionary defines the origin of the prefix 'socio' as a friend or co-worker, which means another dog. Dogs, wrestling, chasing after each other are all social games.

The puppy grew for three weeks and started to bark and play or kick. But when it comes to sex, this method of social play becomes stronger and more complex.

The first sign that puppies are meant to play together is to lift their feet. Barking, licking, nose-poking, scraping the face with your feet, lowering your chest and lifting your butt are signals to play with.

Playing alone

It is the behavior that puppies do when they follow a backstroke or kick in the air when there is no one to play with. This is because of the nature of the puppy who likes to play, and because it has an imaginative power like a baby. If this behavior of the puppy seems to be a serious habit, the owner should examine the puppy. Excessive imagination can lead to seizures or OCD.

Move play

Moving and moving play can do this play alone. The reason why the dog plays the moving game is to find a partner to play with a partner, and for young puppies this play is 'chasing a ghost'. The reason that young puppies play, roll, and jump alone is because of this play.

Play with stuff

There is a playful puppy in flowing water, and a puppy likes to play with a sprinkler or water hose. Most puppies behave like chasing balls or sticks or rolling them on their feet.

Virtual play

Most dogs hide their aggressiveness when they want to fight each other. On the contrary, the act of following and exaggerating and exaggerating movement means play between dogs. The pet medium Durspell spets call this a meta signal.

It is a meta signal that tells you to play the game by moving the leg back and forth by making the front side of the body lower by raising the butt and lowering the chest. If the puppy shows an act of defeating, it means that he wants to play exciting and fun.

Sometimes dogs have the confidence that puppies pretend to be leaders, roll back, bow, and encourage their young to play first.

Education that pretends to play acts as if the youngest of the lowest order is superior to the adult dog and does not resist the biting or struggle of the puppy. Even after the game, the dog returns to his position to play his role again and educates the child to perceive himself as a place to respect.

A restraint to play

If a puppy is harassed or injured while playing, this is a bad way to play. Usually dogs play together. In order to decide who will be chased or not, usually annoying dogs take up stomachs in struggle or bite their necks or heads instead of their legs. Making a growling sound is natural when dogs play together, but if the growl grows louder or buzzes more often than usual, play should be stopped immediately.

Frolicking is not only a fun time for puppies but also a time to learn various behaviors to understand in dog life. Playing with jokes, learning what actions are appropriate, what actions are cowardly, learning about the functions of the body and learning how to get along with other animals. However, just as the baby must watch to see if it is not hurt when playing, the puppies should always keep an eye on their safety when playing.

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