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▲ Two cats fighting in the grass (Source: Pixar Bay)

One of the common routines of the family is the fight between cats. I have to worry about whether to stop the cat fight. Sometimes I am mediating the cat fight and sometimes the owner is injured. Why do cats fight? Let's see why and how to deal with it.

Cats are known for their bizarre behavior. Sometimes it is confusing the owner and other cats around him. Sometimes they come in between the owner's legs and make a lovely smile. When they try to take the toy they play, they suddenly change their attitude and attack the owner.

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Whether raising a dog or raising a cat, the behavior and attitude of a cat depends on the surrounding environment. For example, when introducing another cat to a cat, even after showing a lively attitude, he or she fights fiercely for the attention of the owner or the food. There are a few reasons for that, when it comes to killing the owner of a fight. To stop a cat fight, you need to know why a cat is fighting another cat before you spray or whistle, and why you are a master.

Cats are born fighters.

Not all cats like fighting. Some cats are obedient and compliant. However, if you are raising an aggressive cat, you must understand why the cat is doing the leading act. A cat is a predator, like a tiger, a cougar, or a jaguar, and has a hunter-like temperament.

The innate instinct is also the reason, usually male cats like to fight other cats. According to the cat's specialist 'Catstar', the cat is fighting against other cats because of the hormones and temperament. Especially when they mature between the ages of 2 and 4, they fight a lot.

The cat expresses the territory, such as peeing in a favorite place or rubbing a face on a favorite object. According to the pet magazine Spruce, cats have the ability to recognize the state of another cat before the owner can detect it.

Some cats think their area and master are their own. When a new cat comes in the house, the inherent bad personality looks up to jealousy. Especially if you see the owner pretending to be a new cat, personality will explode.

How to solve a cat fight

Beginning from the time of the baby cat, you can teach proper behavior and reduce the fighting. However, those who adopt adult cats must learn the proper way to tame cats. Here are some ways to stop cat fights and teach your cat positive behavior.

1 Ovariectomy or Neutralization Surgery: Surgical surgery to remove ovaries and uterus of female cats. If you can reduce hormone secretion, but this method does not work, you can use a pheromone product that can relieve your cat's tensions.

2 Give toys: Give toys to aggressive cats to distract new cats and distract them. However, this method can not inhibit cat behavior. The owner can play with cats and use snacks. Cats are comfortable with each other.

3 Love and interest seem fair: If a newcomer feels he is replacing himself, the cat shows enormous jealousy and begins to harass the new cat. In this case, you should invest the same time and play with both of them.

4 Separate cats : If the cats do not fit together, it is also possible to separate them. Allow a reasonable distance between the two to use different bowls and bowls.

5 Discipline: As a master, you should not tolerate harassment between cats. Too much attention to bullying behavior is strengthened, so instead of self-restraint, it is necessary to remove jealousy with appropriate attention and control it if it shows aggressive behavior.

If you can not deal with aggressive cats properly, it can be a big problem. Proper guidance and discipline should teach the cats how to be in peace with each other.

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