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Loyal pets, dogs show unconditional love and friendship to their owners. In addition, you can find loyal dogs in history. There are heroic dogs who did a great job of rescuing and saving people. Let's look at anecdotes related to heroic dogs.

The brave pitbull stubby (Stubby)

Sternby was an organic dog wandering around Yale campus where soldiers were being trained to dispatch World War I. One of the soldiers who stayed there gave the organic dogs the name Stwita and he became a mascot of the army. Dogs were Pitbull Mix dogs and participated in 17 battles for 18 months with 102 American infantry battalions. According to Outdoor Dog World, Stubby said he warned soldiers of toxic gas attacks and even kept his troops close until his team found German soldiers. This event made Sutherby an advocate for a sloppy dog, and for the first time showed a specimen of a rescue dog that had been given the rank of slop.

World War II Yorkshire Terrier Smoky

Smokey was found in a New York jungle with a 1.8kg Yorkshire terrier and was eventually raised by a US soldier named Bill Wynne. According to the Yorkshire Doodle Dandy Web site, the report shows that Smokey, trained by a US soldier, spent two years with him during World War II, not only to entertain troops abroad, but also to act courageously It is said that it became the origin. We could not get the same diet or medical services as other dogs because we did not bring Smokey to combat dogs, but Smokey, who could survive eating and sharing food with his host, would either be aware of the danger of fire or connect a communication line between outposts And was recognized as the first dog in the world. After returning to the United States, Smokey embellished many articles in newspapers, and performed live performances with magical talents.

Laika, the space craftsman

Introduced at Reader's Digest, Leica is the first dog on the planet to take the orbit of a Russian spacecraft. Leica was involved in space experiments with dogs found in Moscow, but it became a suicide mission to Leica. Leica, who ate once a day, was fed only oxygen for seven days and set sail on a one - way flight to space. Leica, who was not going to return after taking off, suffered from excessive heat for several hours before flying and devoted his life to the Russian space program and humanity. The statue of the cosmic dog is erected on top of a rocket near Moscow 's research facility where it was commissioned.

▲ Spacecraft Leica sacrificed for Russian missions (photo: ⓒ Flickr)

The faithful Hachiko

Hachiko is a breed known as a specimen of loyalty and faithfulness to Akita Inu. At the end of the day, Hachiko met his master Hidesaburo Ueno at Shibuya Station, where Ueno suffered a severe cerebral hemorrhage. In 1925 this master died while working and could not return home. Hachiko waited for him every day for nine, nine, and fifteen days, and by 1935 he showed up at the place where he met his dead master from his new owner 's house. People commemorate the loyal act of Hachiko at this train station on March 8 every year, and the statue of Hachiko was built in Shibuya Station and the bronze prints of the footprints were exhibited.

Mancs who saved man's life

Manges is a German Shepherd, a very famous resident dog in Hungary in the 1990s and 2000s. Mans of the name 'foot' found a victim of the earthquake in the wreckage of the collapsed building, joined several rescue missions with his master, Laszlo Lehoczki, and spider rescue ). They traveled around the world and rescued survivors after the earthquake. Mans, with a good sense of smell and vision, signaled rescuers to tell them where the survivors were in the wreckage. In 1999, he became famous for rescuing a three-year-old from Turkey for more than 80 hours in the wreckage of the Izmit earthquake, and the statue of Mans was built in 2004 in Miskolcus in 2004, two years before his death.

These brave dogs have been honored by people for their amazing achievements.

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