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Pets also have feelings. Like a person, he wants to know a lot to judge whether he can trust the other person. So if you want to bring another pet home, you should have plenty of time.

It is very troublesome to meet new puppies with old dogs. This is particularly true if the dog is dominated by a behavioral tendency. Some dogs are warmly welcomed as a member of the family, but not all dogs.

There is no way to know the 'timely' that introduces a new dog to an existing dog, but there is a way to make it look peaceful and flowing. You should introduce the two puppies in an appropriate way and have a positive effect.

Before you officially meet the two, you should take preventive measures to prepare for unplanned work. When the two meet, the problem they are concerned primarily depends on the reaction of the dogs.

If you can read the thoughts and gestures of your nursing mind, you can save a lot of trouble. Puppies are usually more energy-intensive than dogs, but dogs like to play less energy-intensive and follow everyday life patterns as opposed to puppies.

Therefore, if your pet should signal that you no longer want to play, you must intervene to prevent a fight.

Odor exchange

It's a good idea to make the two dogs familiar to each other by using the 'change odor' method before actually bringing the two dogs together. It touches between the two separated hands without touching their hands and makes them know the smell. Or they can change the smell of their blanket. At this time, you should spend a long time with your nurses and make them familiar with the new family.

Meet in neutral

According to the pet specialist Spruce Pet, the ideal place for the two to meet is a neutral area, such as a neighbor's yard, playground or tennis court. However, if you can not use a neutral area, you can choose a park where you can take your dog for a walk.

If you meet two dogs in a neutral area, there is less chance of your dog being touched, and you will not be doing any protective action because you are willing to protect your dog, and you may meet a new dog with more will.

A fence in the center

It is important to ensure that the two meet each other across the fence for safety before touching each other. Dogs can sense their emotions and tensions. If you let two dogs meet, dogs may read their anxiety and show aggression in fear.

When you meet two fences, it is helpful to have a kind of barricade to run freely and smell each other. And they can protect the puppy from attacks of over-reacting to a new family member. It also helps the puppy to get used to it.

Walk side by side

Holding each dog 's collar around each other and walking side by side can relieve tension. Spruce pets say they can use toys or snacks at a distance to smell each other.

It is a good idea to walk side by side in this way for about 10 minutes before you face yourself.

Smell each other

If the two have a positive interest in each other, they may be able to smell each other with loosened necklines in a wide, open place that can reduce tension.

After the first meeting for about 10 minutes, you should give a snack or toy to prevent the tension.

Meeting at home

If you had two people from far away from home, you should now meet them in the garden of the house where they will live. If you have a fence in your garden, you can untie the collar and meet each other directly. And you have to relax by calling the name every few minutes so that the two are not overly excited. If you have several dogs in your home, you should let the puppy meet one at a time so that you will not be surprised.

Finally, bring the puppy into the house. At this point, the thing to note is that you should take a break where your nannies can not see.

When you meet two dogs in the house, you must leave your dogs outside the house and bring the new puppy first.

According to Spruce Pets, if you put your puppy at home while you are playing with your puppy in the yard, you can see the puppy in the house when your puppy enters the house.

There is a sequence between most dogs. And use sequences to judge interaction in the positive direction. And if the owner is unable to monitor himself or herself, it is a good idea to keep the puppy in an isolated room.

Corner, room isolation

If the two are aggressive at the first meeting, they should take them to a corner or room that is not visible to each other. This is the simplest but most effective way to grow new dogs and nurseries in the same house.

After that, we should approach each other a bit to get used to each other again.

Making two puppies fit together

If the two showed positive signs at the first meeting, isolate them so that the fight is avoided at first, then keep the two feed bowls side by side and narrow the distance a little every day. And you can make your puppies feel familiar and adapt to the existence of puppies.

And let the new puppy match up with the whole family and make sure that I am able to adapt to various sounds in the house, such as a cleaner, TV, baby cry.

Maintaining consistency is the key to a peaceful encounter. The same rules should be applied to avoid two dogs being jealous and fighting.

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