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▲ Cat who is afraid of flowing water (Source = Pixar Bay)

The fact that cats hate water is widely known. If you've ever had a cat, you should know that kittens do not want to get away from water and get wet. Why do you hate water when you take a bath? Or are they just afraid?

Water phobia carved into the DNA of a cat

Ingrid Johnson, a cats behavior consultant, said cat DNA reveals water phobia.

Johnson said, "Most cats have been reluctant to dive or swim in the pool due to water shortages from about 9,500 years ago when they started breeding." The same cat, lion or tiger, plays in deep water, I hate it. "

"Historically, cats have evolved from a dry, desolate environment," he said. "If you have ever seen a cat that is swimming in social media like YouTube, this is a rare exception."

Cat hypothermia

Paula Garber, a cats training and behavior expert, also agrees with Johnson's explanation and said that she rarely had any experience diving with her cat's ancestors. In addition, cats explained that physical characteristics themselves can not like water. Unlike dog hair, cat hair absorbs water. In particular, the temperature of the cat drops as soon as it dives.

Craig Wyler, an animal behavior researcher at the University of Barcelona in Spain, says, "The bottom of a cat is not resistant to moisture," he says. The cat also feels like a person wearing a wet shirt. "

For cats living in cold climates, entering the water can lead to fatal hypothermia. This means that the body loses heat faster than it radiates heat.

▲ cute cat lying in the bathroom (source = Pixar Bay)

When cat ears get water

Dr. Wyler explained that the cat ears have a long conduit. It may look larger, but the inside is actually very small.

Therefore, if the water enters the ear, it is difficult to remove it, and it may lead to infection, so be careful not to get water into your ears.

▲ The cat in the tub (source = Flickr)

Water-loving cats

Most cats do not like to go into deep water, but they like to look at drops of water dropping from the faucet. At this time, cats sometimes play to dive their paws in a water bowl.

On the other hand, there are some cats that go into the water without difficulty. These water-loving cat species include Spinks. Sphinx is a hairless cat and likes to bathe.

Maine Kuhn is also a cat that likes water. These cats are the largest of the breeding cat species and have excellent hunting skills. Maine Ku can also jump into the bathtub of the master bathing.

Turkey is also well known for liking swimming. This cat is a species adapted to the Van Lake climate in Turkey. Thus, in the winter, the hair becomes thicker, while in the summer it molts and enjoys swimming. The Turkish livelihood, which has evolved over a long period of time, goes well with people and other animals.

Cat breeds like water

1. British Shorthair

2. Siamese cats

3. Burmese cats

4. Abyssinian

5. Cell Kirklex

Cat bathing method

What should we do when mud or dirt adheres to the cat's body? The best way to persuade a cat to take a bath innocently is to relax and treat it as kindly as possible. The water should also be warm and should not contain additives such as foam. Put the cat gently in the water and pat it, and talk as gently as possible.

Another method is a sponge bath. This is a method of using a shampoo specially made for cats and does not need to be dried. The cat shampoo is wiped with cloth or sponge and rubbed only on the dirty area. Rinse only the area wiped with shampoo using clean water.

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