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If you believe a cat is afraid of cucumbers, you are wrong. Cats are not afraid of cucumbers, but suddenly objects that they do not know are amazing! Cats who jumped in the air with a cucumber, why?

Cats look surprised cats, the truth?

Cats curtains, cute cats cry. How can you not love this funny, soft-haired, funny but weird animal? Even if a cat makes a living room mess, I will never hate it. The internet is overflowing with cat videos and cat photos, and the love for cats is getting bigger as the term "

One of the most popular cat videos online these days is the biggest enemy cat is afraid of, it is the image that fears and sees the cucumber in the air. People say cats are because they hate cucumbers, but they are wrong. So why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Reason 1. Cucumber is unfamiliar

According to online media 'Your Tango', the majority of cats hate cucumbers because they have never seen cucumbers. Most cats seem to be afraid of cucumbers, so only a few cats have bravely approached the cucumber, in fact, it feels like "what is this?" If you look at the images of cats and cucumbers, you can see the owner placing a cucumber right next to a busy cat eating something deliberately.

For those readers who do not know how it feels, here's a more detailed explanation. If a cockroach flew into a steak while eating a delicious steak, what would it look like? Maybe he will yell and run.

Suddenly, when a cockroach appears, no matter how strong a man looks, he will be surprised. To a cat, that's right. Because cats can not often see cats, they think they might be attacking themselves, and they are surprised to run away on the couch.

As another example, imagine yourself walking home listening to music. What would you do if a suddenly dirty man blocked his front with a knife? You will feel fear and defend. This is the feeling that the cat feels when suddenly the cucumber appears.

Reason 2. Mistake as a snake

'Tuxedo Cat' says that cat is afraid of cucumber because green of cucumber looks like snake. Most snakes are green. Most snakes have poison, and people are afraid of life threatening. Even if there is no poison, it is scary. A snake can kill a snake.

Do not play with cucumber

It is interesting to see a cat that watches the cucumber with its eyes open, and runs with surprise. But suddenly I see a cucumber. A jumping high on a surprised cat can adversely affect the health of the cat, says Tuxedo Cat.

If a cat is excited, it will suffer extreme stress. If you keep playing with cucumbers, your cat will be more stressed. So if you want to make fun of your cat to make fun of it, do not do it.

Not only does it make the cat very stressful, but it can also cause problems with nearby objects. A cat jumps to a height that can not be imagined because it uses a lot of force when jumping, so things around it can fall or get smashed. You do not have to give the cat a chance to break things.

Now the rumor that all cats are afraid of cucumbers is revealed. The cat can go near the cucumber. But do not throw cucumbers suddenly when the cat is focused on the other.

Let 's tell the cat that the cucumber is a vegetable that can be eaten, as it tells' This cucumber does not hurt you'.

It will look like a green monster to a cat that has seen cucumbers for the first time, but eventually you will eventually get used to seeing cats eating cucumbers.

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