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According to statistics compiled by the American Pet Society in 2011, about 16.2 million Americans raise birds as pets.

If you want birds to be pets, you should first be familiar with birds. Birds need a certain amount of care, like dogs and cats, so be sure they are not too tricky to handle. One-time self-examination is helpful in choosing a variety of varieties as well as colorful parrots.

The following are bird species that beginners can consider.

1. Love Parrot

These birds, commonly called macaws, are small and easy to handle, making them ideal for families with children at home. The word encyclopedia is a broad term referring to birds with small tail varieties and long tail feathers. Each parakeet has its own unique size, food and overall character. The color of the parakeet is far more diverse than the common greens and blue that you often see in pet stores.

Feeding parakeets requires fresh bird pellet feed and clean water. Sunbathing is essential to ensure that the parakeet is able to consume the amount of vitamin D needed for the skin.

You can breed with other parrots, but if you pay enough attention, you can grow one well. The life expectancy of a parakeet is about 5-13 years.

2. The crocodile

The crocodile is originated in Australia and is known as the second most popular pet bird in the world. It grows to about 30 centimeters and weighs about 75 to 125 grams. According to the pet professional media Spruce, crown parrots are good at whistling and singing. Some crown parrots tend to mimic all the sounds they hear.

The crocodiles can live alone peacefully, but they must give them daily attention and mental stimulation in the form of toys, TV or radio. The crocodile can live for more than 20 years if properly cared for.

4. Canary

According to Pet Med MD, Pet Maria, the canary belongs to the series or the nominal. The canary is famous for its beautiful, operatic cries and is more suitable for ornamental rather than touching. Males compete with each other for females during the breeding season after 6 months of age.

Canaries must be individually raised because of the algae with areas. Males do not need a female canary to sing. Rather, they tend to sing much more often when they are near other males.

Canaries are stressed by malnutrition and overcrowding and tend to develop facial, leg, or respiratory ticks, and respiratory ticks can cause dyspnea. A healthy canary can live for five to ten years.

▲ Canary is famous for its operatic cries (Source: Pixar Bay)

5. Peony Mockingbird

Moran macaws are known as habitat for Africa and Madagascar. Moran parrot species is one of the smallest parrot species. The grown-up macaw parrot is about 15 centimeters and only about 50 grams. Moran parrots are playful and playful, and are as intelligent as Macaw parrots. Since you can live an average of 20 years, once you grow up will give you long term affection.

6. Glassy Parrot

Glass parrots are famous for their intelligence, curiosity and fearless personality. Glass parrots have the size of a peony parrot and the nature of parrots. When fully grown, the body is about 13 centimeters in length and weighs 20 to 30 grams.

Glass parrots are very friendly to human beings and are easy to train, making them suitable for first-time pets. Like other parrot relatives, glass parrots can learn to speak. Some of them can develop 100 vocabularies if properly trained. The average life expectancy of a glassy macaw is about 20 to 30 years.

7. African Gray Parrot

African gray parrots are the most intelligent parrot varieties, and are known to be the most intelligent birds in the world. They are the best storytellers because they acquire abundant vocabulary. Especially the gray parrot tends to get bored if there is no new stimulus because it is learned quickly.

It is good to stimulate curiosity through toys and games including lever puzzles. The intelligence of a gray parrot is similar to that of a 4 year old child. It is a prerequisite to put them out in the cage for several hours each day, otherwise it can cause behavior problems, such as pulling feathers.

Gray parrots are generally ideal for those who want to spend more time with their pets. Life expectancy is 40, and it is one of the longevity.

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