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There is also the disadvantage that when young people work part-time they increase their self-esteem, they realize the responsibility for money, work ethics, and the importance of community life.

While many teenagers are expecting a family trip or a trip with their friends for the summer vacation, some have short-term part-time jobs in summer to earn vacation expenses or pocket money. Parents want their children to be happy and want to teach them what they need in life. If your child wants to work part-time, will you answer it okay?

Experience the best training

Helping teenagers find work early is a good thing for their children. In an interview with Dr. Barbara Greenberg, a parent role specialist and adolescent psychologist, published in the Women's Professional Media Shunose, teenagers can learn the ability to manage time and money when they start early.

Even if you enter a university, you can earn a tuition fee by using a vacation part-time job, and you can develop the sense of responsibility and confidence necessary for university life. You may also fill up one more resume when you work later.

Most employers like applicants with work experience. Career employees already know the work ethic and are more efficient when working as a team.

Dr. Greenberg said the value of collaboration at work is "very valuable in life". When children are working, they meet a lot of people to work together, so they learn how to treat people and increase self-esteem and self-esteem. High self-esteem and self-esteem can lead to the independence needed.

Having a job at a young age can be a stepping stone to open another possibility. The greater the number of people, the greater the probability of having a better job.

Advantages and Responsibilities of Having an Early Occupation

A child who starts work early grows up to be a more responsible person. Educators According to Australia's Kumon Center, children are said to use their wages effectively when they have a job. Having a job gives you a sense of responsibility to make money to buy something you want. It is because they value the value of a single penny.

American media 'Pop Sugar' says, "Let your child get a job early. You will know the importance of making money wisely. " Teenagers can work with adults who have first jobs and learn the value they value and can develop a sense of reality.

Disadvantages of having an early career

Adolescents have many advantages in starting work, but there are drawbacks. It's just a school-related issue. When you start work, you can be neglected in your studies. According to the education media 'Family Education', if a teenager works more than 13 hours, their academic performance is lowered. This is because it is difficult to parallel work and work.

It is physically difficult to work and study. Teenagers should develop the ability to work together with work through appropriate and healthy sleep. As with adults, children may be stressed out by relying on alcohol or tobacco.

Let's review together when choosing a part-time job

Before the child starts work, the parent needs to review the work environment. Parents should protect and guide their children from the work environment where their children are not seeing jobs. "A hard or bad working environment can make a child's view of work negative," the Middle Earth website, which covers teenage issues, said. Parents should help children to have a wise vision through appropriate guidance and guidance on a new world of 'work'.

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