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[Pet] Pet Translator, expected to be released within 10 years

Source: Pixar Bay

If you are a pet owner, you may want to know exactly how the puppy barks or cries. Maybe this is what every animal lover in the world wants. Surprisingly, recent research suggests that such a desire could soon become reality. Experts view the time in less than 10 years.

At present, work on interpreting 'beeps' of Marmoset monkey using artificial intelligence and interpretation of Yang 'pain language' is underway.

According to an article on NBC, scientists are not striving to interpret animal vocalizations and facial expressions using a variety of innovative methods.

Constane Bochikov, an honorary professor at the University of Northern Arizona, and author of the book "Learning the Animals with Doritl," has been studying prairie dogs for the last 30 years.

"The prairie dogs send various beeps to their peers depending on the predator type and size," Dr. "If you can understand the language of the prairie dogs, dogs and cats are certainly possible," he added.

Currently, Slobodick Chikov has collected a lot of video depicting puppy barking and movement. This will allow us to understand the language of canines and use algorithms to translate them into human languages ​​(English).

This scientific advance is expected not only to help pet owners and animal lovers form 'closer emotional relationships' with animals, but also to understand the exact needs of animals and also to save animal life.

However, translation of animal language does not mean that you can talk with your pet. It's just the beginning, but it definitely helps to better understand animals.

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