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Pitbull was originally a British pugilist dog, and he would be thrown into a pit where he could get bloodshed and suffer extreme injuries or death. But with the immigrants coming to America, the fate of Pitbull was a little different. Early immigrants thrown into the barren wildness needed a strong dog to protect their family from the hostile environment. Immigrants brought some healthy pitbulls to the New World, crossed them into puppies, and started growing.

Various Pit Bull Breeds

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Breeders who wanted a dog with strong strength, athleticism, and intolerable character breed Old British Bulldog and Old English Terrier to create a Pitbull. Among them, the Pitbull who came to the American continent along with the immigrants is called the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Today, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a therapeutic dog, living with a human being with a dog or dog. Of course, there are still places where illegal pitbulls are used to abuse pitbulls, but they are loved as human friends and puppies.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium breed dog characterized by short hair and well-developed muscles. Coats are Spotted, Solid, and Tabby. Sometimes a pitbull of the Merle pattern is born. But the United Kernel Club and the American Kernel Club do not recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier as a formal breed. The average weight of an American Pit Bull Terrier is 13 to 25 kg. Since it is born with aggressive nature, it is important to socialize with other dogs, animals and people from childhood frequently.

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

According to the American Bully Daley, the American Staffordshire terrier was first breed in Birmingham, West Midlands, USA, and later grew up in Staffordshire, England.

The average weight is 60 to 90 pounds (about 27 to 40 kg) and the height is about 43 to 48 cm. It is the tallest among Pit bull breeds. He is very stubborn, but he follows the master 's command when he rules with a firm attitude and disciplines with a certain reward and punishment.

3. Staffordshire bull terrier

The name of the Staffordshire bull terrier is derived from a British name. It is a species created by a British miner who needed a fast, light, and faithful dog. In a coal mine, a large, hairy dog ​​is not suitable. Staffordshire bull terrier is 10-17kg in weight and light in weight and 35-40cm tall. Because it is the breed that originally helped work at the mine, it is suitable as a home dog enjoying outdoor activities because it has a lot of activity and good physical strength. The personality is very gentle, loyal, muscular, yet agile. The pit bull breed is usually a strong obsession with the area, but the Staffordshire bull terrier is temperamental and well with children. It is also suitable as a playmate of children. It is a family dog ​​because it has very close ties with its owner.

4. Bull Terrier

Bull terrier is a result of crossbreeding aiming at a dog that can cope with the bloody blood. The Old English Terrier, Old English Bulldog, and Manchester Terrier were breeded, and a Bull Terrier was born. But bull terriers, which combine the characteristics of Bulldog and Terrier, Instead, it is a good choice for guard dogs or guard dogs.

According to wide open pets, one of the most distinctive physical characteristics of bull terriers is that their eyes are triangular. Bull Terrier is a stubborn but gentle breed that needs family love and attention. Bull terrier is brave, cheerful, and weighs up to 35kg. There are two sizes of bull terriers: miniature and standard. The standard bull terrier is about 50 ~ 60cm long, and the miniature bull terrier is about 25 ~ 35cm long. Bull terrier is a breed that requires a lot of training and care, and is suitable for families with an active lifestyle. It is not recommended to leave a bull terrier alone for more than eight hours a day. An environment in which various activities can be done physically and mentally is suitable.

5. American Bulldog

The ancestor of the American Bulldog came from England. The American bulldog used to be a bait in the past. Most of the immigrants who came to the US were farmers, so they needed more livestock and more dogs and cattle dogs to keep them. The ancestors of the American Bulldog were dogs with characteristics that fit well with the needs of these farms.

American bulldogs, also known as farm dogs, are the most popular among Pit bulls. Especially, physique is suitable for various missions. The American bulldog is fast, muscular and well developed. Personality is also suitable for working dogs. He is loyal, loving, and strong at the same time. Today, American bulldogs are trained by dogs and watch dogs.

Pitbull is a true friend who has all the courage, love for his master, loyalty, practicality, and justice. In addition, pitbull is a species that can grow a little stronger, unlike other breeds that have a lot of hands and feet. Pitbull is a dog that is strong enough to protect not only himself but his beloved master.

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