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[Pets] Fireflies on the water, ‘GloFish’

▲ Source = Flickr

The light emitted by a small firefly is mysterious and beautiful. Especially, the glowing fireflies that appear on a dark night seem to be magical. But insects are not the only creatures that emit light at night or in the dark. Some fish are known to emit light from the body. We introduce fish of glow fish which is representative light.

Carol McCarthy, a researcher in PetMD, said scientists working on bioluminescence have used genes in animals that release light to be used as biomarkers in other applications. McCarthy explained, "Thanks to that, I grew up GloFish in every home." Scientists in Singapore have succeeded in transforming fish genes for the first time, and the goal of the experiment is to detect toxins in contaminated water. Once the toxins are identified, you can find ways to remove them and protect them.

"National Geographic defines' bioluminescence 'as the light generated by the reaction of two chemicals in vivo,' McCarthy wrote. This chemical consists of luciferin and luciferase or photoprotein. Animals with 'bioluminescence' function have a more beautiful appearance and can be used as an advantage.

McCarthy notes that deep-sea vampire squid emits bright mucus substances that surprise predators. Hatchet fish have organs that produce light and are known to regulate the degree of reflection to hide the body from the enemy. McCarthy added that plankton and coral also have the ability to shine through the body.

In 2003, Alan Clayk, co-founder and CEO of Yorktown Technologies, who introduced glowfish to a small aquarium supplied to the home, needed a 'shining fish'. "The ultimate goal was to selectively fluoresce in environments with toxins," he added.

George Gulrat, owner of Aqua-Life Central, said glowfish was popular because of its bright color. If the fish is under normal white light, it will be bright. Under bright light, it will be more brilliant. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, fish show very intense color. Glowfish includes tetra, zebrafish, and barb paper featuring electric greens, cosmic blue, and moonrise pink. Gulat noted that people buy pet fish because of their looks. He informs his customers about Glowfish and how to care for them.

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