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Puppies, loved by their faithful and lovable personality, are sometimes hurt and fearful. A dog that was gently can bite or attack a person at a moment of vigilance.

A bite on a dog that is a public health concern

Professor Rob Crisley and Carrie Westgas of the University of Liverpool in the UK have published a study in the journal Journal of Scientific Research that shows that dog bites are becoming a global public health problem and cost a lot of money for the health care system.

A dog's bite not only affects mental and physical effects on a person, but also affects dog's happiness. In some countries, people are sent to shelter or euthanized in serious cases.

Especially when the victim is older or has a spot where the bite is visible, the situation becomes worse if the victim is not in a straight line.

The dog is in an uncomfortable or painful situation before he bites the person.

"It is important for dogs to understand the background of a person's door to prevent accidents," he said. "There is a possibility that the interaction between humans and dogs is inconvenient or painful for dogs before the incident occurs."

In addition, physical abuse, medical treatment, and incentive behavior using toys and food can also cause this situation.

A breeder who may water a person

The researchers cited labrador retrievers, Pitbull, Shepherd, and Chihuahua as "offensive" breeds that could water a person. He also explained that hybrids could attack humans.

Why dogs bite people and prevent them

Dr. Kristikon explains several reasons why a dog can bite a person:

1. Dog Ownership: Ownership can cause dogs to bite people. A dog thinks it is a target to protect its own territory, food, toys, even humans. For this reason, it can be the best attacker in the case of a neck and guard dog.

It is important to teach dogs certain commands such as 'wait' and 'not' to minimize dog ownership behavior. This type of training can help prevent aggression. Dr. Kern explained that teaching to wait in front of the food helps reduce aggression.

You should also teach that if you have a child at home, you should not harass a dog eating snacks or feed.

2. Pain: Dogs can bite people if they feel pain. If a dog has chronic pain, severe ear infections, and a hip joint, children should treat the dog gently and not the affected area.

If a dog behaves inappropriately without a specific reason, owners should consider pain as a possible cause and visiting a veterinary clinic may be a preventative measure.

3. Maternal instinct: A dog can bite a person due to maternal instinct. Even well-trained females are aggressive when they have a baby. If the mother dog is around the baby to prevent the dog from biting, she should refrain from approaching it. Also, you should provide a safe place for your dog and dog.

4. Phobias: The phobia of dogs usually appears in an unfamiliar environment or in contact with veterinarians and strangers. Therefore, we should refrain from approaching unfamiliar dogs. Children should also be taught to do this. It can trigger dog phobia, especially if the dog is surprised or annoyed while sleeping. The owner encourages dogs to relax their fear through socialization exercises from a young age.

Be responsible for your actions

Dogs can reduce the risk of bodily injury or behavior through neutering. Regular play with dogs and exercises can also help strengthen ties between humans and animals and consume energy that can lead to tension energy.

"We need to train the puppies with the command 'sit' or 'stop', and get vaccinated," said Dr. Kong.

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