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There are times when I want to raise an exotic and unique pet, not a common puppy or cat. These thoughts are getting bigger when I see images and pictures of cute pets introduced to social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

These exotic pets range from reptiles such as lizards, iguanas, snakes, and turtles to rodents and similar animals such as chinchilla and high humidity. However, it is good to know that raising such unique pets is very different from raising ordinary dogs or cats. In addition to the amount of money, such as the cost of maintenance such as feed value and hospital expenses, it is necessary to provide environment suitable for the habit, and to be able to give endless love and affection. You should also determine if you are allowed to raise the animals in your residence.

Let's find out what everyone should know about raising exotic animals.

Legal issue

It is very important to know if it is legal to bring the animal you want to grow. In fact, many animals are illegally restricted in their personal possession, even if you see a place where you can buy a very cute baby tiger, but that does not mean you can simply buy it back home.

It is essential to first ask the local government where you live about your pet policy. The pet policy includes the prohibition to enter into pets to avoid extinction of certain species, because some species can survive better in natural habitat than to be tamed by humans.

Some animals are treated illegally due to threatening behavior or habit. It keeps the habit of the wild, because it can bite or even kill people around. Some species of reptiles belong to this group. Indeed, among species of reptiles, human beings are only a small fraction. According to the University of Florida, the number of snakebite cases annually is 7,000. Of course, not all have deadly poisons, but you should know that there are also serpents that lead to death.

▲ Unique charm fish ah Holotle (Source = Pixar Bay)

Information acquisition

It is a good idea to know where the animals came from and what kind of habits they had before growing up. It is not good to adopt immediately because it is simply cute and beautiful. Also, as mentioned above, it is very important to see if all animals are worthy of a pet and not easy to raise, so that they can live with humans and have a habit of being tamed. David Manning, an animal researcher, has advised that 50 species of exotic pets should be able to identify information about animal and animal care first and then decide which species best fits his or her environment and situation.

Cost control

Raising pets is a kind of promise to share and maintain, manage and care for your home and space for the rest of your life, regardless of the type of animal. For example, even if you bring a cat home, you have to adjust the cat's environment to remove the dangerous things in the house to fit the cat. The same goes for puppies. Considering your own lifestyle and environment, bring the best varieties to it, but you should also create an environment that suits your puppy. The same is true of exotic pets.

In addition, you have to consider the inevitable outgoing costs. Basically, it is because you can regret the surprise amount in the future if you do not prepare beforehand such as the eating to be solved, the examination of the hospital, the medical expenses, other toys. In addition to the basic costs, sudden unexpected accidents should be included in the calculation. In other words, it means that you have to be financially able to take care of your pets in addition to yourself.

Consider habits and lifestyle

Dogs and cats all have a similar cycle of humans sleeping at night, working at night, sleeping in the morning, and there is nothing to worry about.

However, in the case of an animal from another environment, the possibility of having a cycle opposite to the life style of the guardian is also enriched. In this case, the caregiver should respect the animal's lifestyle and worry about whether he or she can follow the lifestyle. For example, if you are both asleep in the morning and evening, it is a good idea to raise animals that are active in the daytime. Otherwise, if you are an animal in the evening, you should be able to configure the environment for this animal.

You should also select the animal that best fits your habits and lifestyle by searching for information about whether the animal's habits are extrovert or introspective, whether there is an active side that likes to travel, You can make a better relationship.

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