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If you are a cats guardian, you will know that you need to trim your claw regularly. If left alone, the toenails bend down and continue to grow, so the toe pads (pads) can be affected and swollen or infected. These problems may lead to behavioral or health problems, and in severe cases, may require emergency measures such as surgical operations.

But the problem is that most cats do not like claws. If you do not see long and sharp claws scratching your protector or other furniture, it is a good idea to mow your claws easily, letting them slowly notice that the cat is not afraid to trim their toenails.

Tools Needed

There are quite a few things in the cat's nail trimmer. Some people prefer to cut and claw their claws through special scissors, while others use cutters or clippers. But the most important thing here is that the blade should always be sharp no matter what type you use. If the blade is blunt, it can rather damage the skin or flesh of the cat or break the claws. Or bleeding may occur. It is always desirable to have a hemostasis tool in the vicinity in case of such a situation.

If the size of the cat is small, you can use a common nail clipper that people use. However, if you have an older cathedral, you should use a cat-specific nail trimmer. Nail trimmers are readily available at nearby pet stores, and you can choose your favorite type of scissors style or spring style.

If you have purchased a cat-only nail clippers, you should now use the dry spaghetti side to help your cat adapt to the training.

Cat claw mowing step

Making a cat ready

If the cat is still a cub, you should first go into a quiet room and sit on your lap to create a comfortable atmosphere. The key is keeping cats in a very relaxed state, and they should be able to keep them sleepy. Make sure that there are no other obstacles that can take your cat's attention around the window or elsewhere. Once you have all these preparations, you can now massage your cat's feet gently and get used to the grooming.

Foot massage

The first thing to do is to carefully massage one leg of your cat between your fingers. In this case, the massage time can be continued until the number 3 is counted. If the cat pulls out at this time, it is better to leave it unaffected. And if the cat seems to find stability, pull your feet again and press the foot pads to release the claws. Then let go again. It is good to massage all 10 toes every day like this.

However, if you hold a sharp object in one hand at this time, it can cause a tension to the cat rather. There may be differences in the temperament and habit of cats, but especially if the temperament is aggressive or distracting. At this time, if the cat stumbles and gets stuck on the object to run away, the problem can only get worse. If you are going to struggle too much, you should not hold it tight.

Getting familiar with nail clippers

Cats should also be able to get accustomed to the toenail mowing before actually cutting the claws. To do this, place the cat on your lap first, then place the dry spaghetti noodles and nail clippers next to it, massage the cat's foot, while pressing the pad lightly. At this time, when the claws come out, they cut the spaghetti side with a nail clipper. Every time I do, I put my foot back and praise it as a snack.

Do not hurry

The pink part of the cat's claw is called the quick, which is where the nerves and blood vessels are connected. In other words, it is a very sensitive place and you should never touch it. Only the white part of the claw is cut off. It is advisable to proceed slowly and carefully, rather than quickly. If you accidentally touch this area and get blood, try to stop the blood quickly with a hemostatic tool.

In general, it is common for cats to cut their forelegs and leave their hind legs alone. However, if the claws on the hind legs hurt enough to injure the caregiver, the back claws must also be cut. However, since most cats are very frightened and nervous about cutting the claws of their hind legs, it is most effective to trim them first.

Claw cutting

Place the cat on your lap or lay it down in a comfortable position and cut it away from your caretaker and cat towards the claw. When cutting, hold your feet and massage until you get to the claws, press and handle gently. And after sharpening the sharp part, I quickly let the cat go and reward me with snacks. If the cat has not noticed that his claws have been cut off, then cut the other claws in succession. Be careful not to cut more than two claws at a time. And after cutting the toenails, you should give praise as a snack. It is best to trim the claw every 10 or 2 weeks, but if all this does not work, you should ask your veterinarian for help.

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