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If you are the first cat owner, you may not know how much to feed. Cat food can vary depending on many factors, such as the unique habits and health status of the cat. It is desirable to be careful not to become malnourished or overweight through accurate identification of your cat.


Several factors, such as weight and age, physical activity, and pregnancy, mean that different cats are required to provide different amounts of feed. It is good to provide too much for specific brand-name feeds containing various nutrients needed for cats.

The cats that feed cats are usually fed with canned food with dry food twice a day. Of course, if you have enough nutrients in your dry feed for your cat, you do not need to consider the dried food itself as an inadequate diet. However, it is prudent to mix the dry food with the appropriate dietary food, as the cat lacks the necessary moisture or water.

Also, most dry foods are not the best choice because they are highly likely to form crystals or stones in the highly concentrated urine excreted by cats. Therefore, dry food should always be supplemented with wet food or water.

Feed time and amount

If you are bringing your cat home for sale or adoption, it is important to feed the cat in time and volume that the cat was familiar with. And the way to gradually move to a new schedule is good. This is because the cat itself has a habit of disliking sudden changes, and the appearance of a new house and a new family can be a little stressful, fearful, and anxious to the cat itself, and should be meticulously considered. If you change your diet slowly and slowly while keeping your diet and time, you can reduce the side effects that can be experienced in the transition period and reduce the stomachache of your cat.

If a cat is finally accustomed to the new environment and is observed to adapt and manipulate the changes, it can now change the diet and time. You can choose the optimal diet that is most suitable for cats, such as reproductive or dry food or mixed types of all elements.

Mixing of moisture-containing products with dry feed

Meat, poultry, fresh meat protein of fish is a big help in making cats healthy. However, if the vegetable protein is small, it can be difficult to digest, so the diet should contain all the necessary nutrients.

Also, do not forget to fill up about 10% of your diet with carbohydrates. And if you're going to feed water-containing foods, it's also important to make sure that there's a lot more meat than other ingredients. It is good to choose foods with fewer fillers or by-products.

The amount of food should be 30 calories per day per 0.45 kg of body weight possible. If you are 4.5kg, you should consume 300 calories. Usually, dry food is 300 calories per cup, and 250 grams per 170 grams of water-containing product. For 4.5 kilograms, prepare 1 cup of dry food or about 198 grams of canned food. This ratio is best served by mixing the moisture-containing and dry food in the best combination.

On the other hand, some cats have free meals. In this case, the caregiver puts an appropriate amount of food into the bowl so the cat can come and eat the food at any time. This helps to avoid waste by reducing leftovers, and can also reduce overweight and obesity. It is convenient to observe daily amount of cat eating.

Feeding frequency

The number of feeds actually depends on how much cats eat. Most of the caregivers are usually given in the morning and evening, but later on, whether to provide more food such as snacks, etc. If you want to know exactly how many times a day your kitten should be fed, it is wise to find a suitable solution by consulting a veterinarian.

Intake Control

If you are not a Holy Sepulcher, it is effective to change your diet according to your metabolism and diet because the cats will grow steadily. Also, to know if you are eating too much or vice versa, the best way to observe the ribs is to be sure.

When a cat is walking, if the ribs are seen moving through the skin, it is malnourished or very dry. Conversely, if you do not feel your ribs touching your body, it is likely to be overweight or obese. In this case, the feed intake should be adjusted to maintain normal weight.

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