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When you do not want to get pregnant or when you are planning your pregnancy, you have to check it. It is the right moment. There are times when it is confusing to exact repetition date with various application of repetitive calculator which is offered on the market. However, if you have just checked your normal menstrual period, you can easily calculate from ovulation to fertilization without a fertility calculator. Let's look at simple ovulation and fertility calculations, early symptoms of pregnancy and birth control pills.

Early symptoms of pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy, which are generally the most noticeable, are not menstruating. There are various factors such as stress, uterine anomalies and contraception for reasons that do not cause menstruation, but if you do not do it without any reason, you should check with a pregnancy tester. Symptoms of first week of pregnancy are not significant. It is difficult to notice unless you are using a direct pregnancy test machine because there are no symptoms. From the second week of pregnancy, physical changes occur. Cold body symptoms are the most common. As the temperature rises, it feels cold as if the body has come. Depending on the individual, it may be accompanied by slight fever. In addition, I feel fatigue often. From the second month of pregnancy, morning sickness may appear, but appetite may drop, and vomiting may occur with certain foods or smells.

What does it mean to fertilize?

Fertility refers to the period during which pregnancy is possible. If you do not want to get pregnant, you need to take contraception because you are more likely to become pregnant during this period. However, fertilization does not mean that you are pregnant unconditionally. The probability of fertility is about 30%, and there is also a difference in probability depending on the individual. Also, it is not necessarily pregnant during the period when it is not fertile. Although the natural contraception can be 60% during non-fertilization period, the possibility of pregnancy depends on variables such as miscalculations of fertility, failure to contraception.

How to calculate fertility?

About three days plus one week before and after the day of ovulation is a good time. Nowadays, the easy-to-see fertilization application measures the fertilization period longer than it actually is. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the menstrual period every month and calculate the fertility period.

How to check when there is no ovulation and ovulation calculator

The ovulation period is the period during which eggs are released from the ovaries. Likewise, this period also increases the likelihood of pregnancy. The method of calculating ovulation date is the day when ovulation day is subtracted from 14th day of menstrual month of next month, and it becomes ovulation period by adding 2 ~ 3 days back and forth. Symptoms of ovulation include ▲ ovulation, ▲ ovulation, ▲ headache, and no symptoms. If the date calculation is confusing and there is no symptom of ovulation, it can be confirmed through a commercially available ovulation test machine.

How to use contraceptive pill

Contraceptives are contraceptive methods after sex, unlike oral contraceptives. It is mainly used when mistakes have occurred in the case of contraception or contraception.

Post-contraceptive use should be taken twice every 12 hours within 72 hours of sexual intercourse. Since the hormone content is 10 times higher than that of the contraceptive pill, you should consult your gynecologist and prescribe the appropriate amount. In addition, fatal side effects may occur, and you should know and follow the correct dosing method.

Side effects of the contraceptive pill are: ▲ urinary tract infection ▲ hair loss ▲ pelvic pain ▲ dizziness ▲ vaginitis ▲ breast longness ▲ back pain ▲ vomiting.

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