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[Health] If your neck and shoulders suddenly …? Symptoms and causes of neck disc


The neck disk is a disease that passes through the intervertebral disc between the cervical vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae, causing the nerve root or spinal cord to contract.

What are the symptoms of the neck disk?

Symptoms such as pain, numbness, weakness in the neck or shoulders occur when the neck disk is present. In severe cases, damage to the spinal cord may cause leg weakness or paralysis.

What causes the neck disk?

Cervical intervertebral discs become degenerated due to dehydration as they get older, resulting in the loss of elasticity, resulting in hardening, cracks in the wall of the disc, and internal hardening of the nucleus. It may also be caused by trauma.

Do you have pain in your shoulders and neck?

If you are carrying a heavy bag or doing other activities that can cause pain, you can easily determine the causes of shoulder and neck pain. If not, go to the hospital and talk to your doctor. The most common symptoms of neck discs are stiffness over the shoulders and arms, beginning with the neck.

Degenerative neck disk

As you get older, degenerative changes cause calcium to escape from the bones and water to escape from the disc, causing it to harden or shrink. So even with minor impacts, the disc can easily flow and burst.

What is the treatment of the neck disk?

Non-surgical treatment includes prescribing nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and pain relievers. Physical therapy, including thermal therapy, gentle massage, and stretching, is often used.

If the neck disc does not respond to nonsurgical treatment, surgical intervention such as anterior lumbosacral resection and posterior incision is necessary.

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