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[Health] Cause of eye tremor, perhaps due to lack of magnesium?

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Most of our common eye tremors are myokymia. Muscle swelling is a symptom of a person shaking his / her muscles in a specific area without knowing himself / herself. Facial muscular dystrophy refers to the occurrence of seizure symptoms in the facial muscles that unconsciously contract muscles. Muscle spasms can occur in all of the lower parts of the facial muscles. Sometimes these symptoms are so severe that both eyelids are closed. This is called blindfold syndrome, which means that the eyelid is closed unconsciously. In more serious cases, the left eye shake or the right eye shake does not stop and the blinking state continues.

The cause of the facial nerve swelling is as follows.

1. Magnesium deficiency

Facial muscular dystrophy can occur due to magnesium deficiency. It is common in patients with asthma or osteoporosis. Other symptoms that magnesium deficiency can cause include fatigue, irregular heartbeat, hypertension, and weakness in the muscles.

2. Prognosis of other diseases

Muscle tension disorder, or Parkinson's disease or facial nerve palsy.

Damage to the cranial nerve can result in facial paralysis, which can cause facial nerve entrapment.

3. Common Causes

Common causes of eye tremors include alcohol and caffeine drinks, eye irritation, fatigue, lack of sleep, physical exercise, side effects of drugs, eye strain, and stress. However, with the exception of the above serious cases, it is known that facial muscular dystrophy, which appears everyday, does not cause pain and does not seriously adversely affect your health. However, since it can interfere with everyday life such as driving or studying, it is possible to identify common causes and prevent them.

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