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[Health] Time awareness is distorted after age 30


After 30, metabolism slows down and time perception is distorted

According to a study conducted by Harvard University psychology professor Ellen Langer, over the age of 30, the metabolism is slowed and the perception of time is distorted. In this study, 46 patients with type 2 diabetes participated.

"Participants changed their game type every 15 minutes while playing computer games for 90 minutes," said Big Think. Lange's team provided a clock that worked normally in one group to measure if blood glucose levels followed actual or perceived time, while another group provided a slow-running clock.

The perceived time is real.

Surprisingly, the result was a victory of 'perceived time'. Journalist Anil Anantaswami also commented on a recent study of the time Langer performed, "What people think about time affects the metabolism of the body." This explains why people between the ages of 40 and 80 often feel younger than their 'real age'.

In contrast, young people in their 20s feel older than they actually are. Especially when they are in their 30s, the time is different. However, awareness does not change because the body affects the mind. A person's way of thinking about aging is a key element of the aging process.

This study explains that age-based thinking influences how adults become adults. The way of thinking includes the emphasis on age, the belief that age limits the physical and mental capacity of a person, the excuse to not try new things, and recalling yesterday rather than planning for the future.

Young mother

Through the SNS, photos of a 18-year-old male teenager and his 44-year-old mother have become public topics. In his photo on October 12, his mother, Angela Williamson, was at the age of fifty and looked like a gusly and fraternal twin.

Guthrie's tweets were over 30,000 retweets with 1,000 comments and 122,000 likes. Twitter users were very curious about the secrets of Williamson.

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