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[Health] Cockroach milk is super food? .. “Cockroach milk is nutritious rich”

▲ fresh milk in cup (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, cockroach milk has emerged as a superfood. Basically, superfoods should contain ingredients that are high in vitamins and minerals and can restore damaged cells.

Cockroaches are crawling bugs on the floor, and are subject to hatred. But scientists have proved that cockroach milk is good for the human body.

Two years ago, this beverage was featured as one of the headlines of a journal. Studies that have been conducted at that time have concluded that cockroach milk can be a solution for people who are lactose-resistant and those who have allergies to dairy products.

What is cockroach milk?

The beverage is produced by the Pacific Beetle cockroach. According to the BBC, this insect is a kind of cockroach that can 'breed' and produce 'milk'. Scientists have cut off the gut of this crystalline form of insect and have got milk.

"It takes time and effort to produce cockroach milk on a large scale," Dr Leonard Chabas said in an interview. "It is impossible to make a cockroach ice cream because you have to kill 1,000 cockroaches to produce 100 grams of milk."

Cockroach milk contains proteins and amino acids that are good for human health.

"Crystal-like organs are like perfect food. "There are proteins, fats and sugars inside the gut," he said. "Cockroach milk is three times higher in calories than buffalo milk."

Milk is a substance secreted from the mammalian mammary gland. Common cockroaches lay eggs, but Pacific beetle cockroaches hold their eggs in their pouches until hatching eggs. The Pacific beetle cockroach usually lay 9 to 12 eggs. The mother also nourishes the young by eating liquids that contain fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Fresh Milk in a Bottle (Source: Pixar Bay)

Cockroach milk, nutritional ingredients?

Cockroach milk is three times higher in calories than buffalo milk, which has the highest calorie among mammals. And people with lactose intolerance that can not eat normal milk can also drink.

There is also a growing demand for people who are allergic to dairy products, vegetarians, and people who stick to environmentally friendly foods.

But until now, cockroach milk has not been proven 100% safe for humans. Scientists are currently working on genetically modified milk production cockroaches.

"The growth hormone levels in this particular milk have not yet been determined," said Dr. Rachel Nazarene, a dermatologist at the Schwäiger dermatology group. "Because the sugar diet accelerates skin aging, It has been confirmed that it is not good. "

Health insect food, be careful when ingesting

Insects that can be eaten are known to be high quality foods and high digestive proteins. Some insects are composed of about 80% of the body protein, more essential amino acids than other animal proteins, and rich in nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids are known.

If you remove an abominable factor when eating insects, you will also be able to eat cricket flour. And this flour can make food for family and friends.

People who like snacks and ice cream or lactose intolerant people may like foods made from insects.

Meanwhile, scientists are currently working on transforming the Pacific beetle cockroach milk crystals to the East. I plan to use this yeast for bread or milk.

Such insect food trends are also expected to address the food shortage problem that is growing around the world.

"Insects are a highly efficient industry with little food, water, and energy," says Aaron Cheng, founder of "All Things Bugs." "In the future, It may grow Marie's cockroach. "

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