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[Health] McAn Cheese, found to contain harmful chemicals

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

McAn Cheese Mix, a food loved by many, has been found to contain high levels of potentially harmful chemical phthalates.

According to statistics from the Symphony / IRI group, this cheap food sold in the US ends up cooking in minutes.

Phthalates, a toxic chemical, are known to migrate from food packaging to food, affect male hormones, cause risks to pregnant women, and affect birth defects, behavioral disorders, and cognitive impairment.

The US Food and Drug Administration has already banned the use of phthalates in children's toys, but has not yet been banned in food.

According to a report prepared in 2014, most of the causes of phthalate exposure were food, pharmaceuticals and beverages.

Phthalates were detected in 29 other products except for one of the 30 products sold in the United States, and phthalates were found to be particularly high in boxed packaged products.

Experts say that to avoid exposure to phthalates, they should eat fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, and minimize the intake of processed foods and foods that are past its expiration date.

Fat-free dairy products such as skim milk and low-fat cheese are aimed at, and it is necessary to refrain from eating high-fat foods such as cream and fat-rich meats.

He also emphasized that if food is stored using glass, stainless steel, ceramic or wood instead of plastic, and cups made of rigid polycarbonate plastic are used, no hot liquids should be added.

Because phthalates are also included in fragrances, it is advisable to choose fragrance-free products ranging from cleansers, moisturizers and cosmetics to shampoos and detergents.

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