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During the summer months with many outdoor activities, there have already been 13 wild tick infections this year, of which more than five have died. Wild tick infections are more common in puppies that are longer hairy and closer to grass than humans. After a dog walk, wild mites attached to the dog's body may be transferred to humans, which can lead to death. You should be aware of the size of wild mites and the characteristics of tick bites that you should be aware of when going out, and the symptoms of wild mites, SFTS infection, wild tick bite dog symptoms and management methods, and wild mite prevention methods using repellents and repellents.

Wild mites, from people to pets, to death

From family walks to dog walks, the risk of getting ticks increases during the summer when activities are frequent. Recently, wild mites have been infected with viruses that can kill people with small sphagnum mites. The size of wild mites is about 0.2 ~ 10mm, but when you suck blood, it grows up to 1cm.

Severe febrile thrombocytopenic syndrome (SFTS) infections are associated with an increased risk of swallowing wild mites. When infected with SFTS, it causes a high fever of more than 38 degrees, a platelet and leukocytosis, vomiting, and diarrhea. In severe cases, it can lead to coma and death. That's why wild ticks are called murder ticks.

How to identify wild ticks? Bite marks and symptoms

When it is bitten by wild mites, the area is reddish in the flesh, and it is characterized by narrow puddle and blood. If the bite marks are confusing, you can check for signs of infection. Wild tick symptoms include ▲ high fever ▲ anorexia ▲ diarrhea ▲ abdominal pain. If the symptoms of bites or drowsiness in wild ticks are seen, it is a good idea to go to the hospital and get an accurate diagnosis.

After a walk I'm a dog, a dog in a dog tick?

Dogs that are at higher risk of exposure to ticks than humans need special care for walking. When a dog is bitten by wild mites, the symptoms are swollen feet, unable to walk properly, and pus. Also, even if I touch a little, I feel severe pain. Therefore, dogs should be suspicious of wild ticks if they usually legs or lick their feet frequently. If you already have pus or pus, you should visit the hospital as soon as possible.

For the prevention of ticks in pets, including dogs and cats, cut short hair and take a careful look at your physical condition after taking a walk. You can use a repellant or remedy if necessary. The ticks tend to prefer animal hair that is more sticky to the skin. So, if you go out for a walk often, it's a good idea to keep your hair short. Also check your overall physical condition to see if you are a river after a walk, your body has a tick, and you are not showing any abnormal symptoms other than usual. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about tick infections, you can prevent them by using various remedies. Pet remedies include necklaces, repellents, and medicines to eat.

What about wild mites?

There is no vaccine yet for wild mites that hurt life, so prevention and control are the best. Avoid lying or sitting in the grass when you are outdoors in the grass, wear long sleeves and long pants. Also, after going out, wash clothes immediately, take a bath as a whole and check every corner of the body for bite marks.

When you go out, it is also a method to distribute enough of the exterminator and the repellent. It should be noted that skin and clothing are separate and should be used separately.

If you find a tick on your skin, you must remove it by tweezers. Care must be taken because rickets can get into the skin while rushing away by hand.

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