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[Health] Conflict area Kashmir count increase in number of mental patients


Surveys show people living in war zones have mental health problems.

According to the foreign media 'First Post', the mental health problems of the Kashmiri people living in large and small wars for more than 25 years have been reported to increase significantly.

The findings are based on a very limited study of vulnerable people who do not benefit from health agencies.

The survey is based on the number of patients treated and the current number of patients treated at the Srinagar Mental Health Disease Hospital in 1985.

According to this record, the number of mentally ill patients increased from 775 to 130,000 in 2015 at SPDH, which was the only psychiatric hospital in 1985.

The number of people with mental illness is increasing so that they can receive psychiatric services in major local hospitals, and psychiatric services are also being performed in private hospitals.

People visiting private hospitals (and this is a significant number) were not reported. For this reason, the experts from 1985 to 2015 have a big loophole in medical records.

However, the increase in mental illness in this area is supported by other studies. Since conflicts have been rampant throughout Kashmir for many years, presumptive studies of mental illness underpin a widespread psychosis in Kashmir.

Local psychiatrists said it was important to envision a comprehensive mental health program that included prevention and healing to address the mental health problems of people in Kashmir, including Jammu, immediately and in the long term.

A new psychiatrist in Kashmir says the new mental health program will provide patients with health care needs, raise awareness of the public's mental illness and treat home-based mental illnesses in public hospitals.

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