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I think it's amazing to see the ants lined up in a row. Why do ants do this? If you are looking at this scene, will the "ants just follow the chief ants?", "How is it trained to line up?" "Who leads the way?", "Whether to bypass the road, I do not know much about the answer to the question. We have been living with ants for a long time and still live together, but we have little knowledge of the organization of ants and do not know what is happening under the ant hill.

According to, ants are a social insect with bees and wasps. These insects live in clusters and number more than one million. Individuals belonging to each cluster have intergenerational and group interaction and share labor.

There are three types of ants in an ant colony. An open-minded ant is a female worker who collects food, protects queen ants, keeps nests and monitors potential enemies. And there are also male ants who mate with future or potential queen ants. These male ants do not live long after mating with the queen ants. And only the breeding ants have wings, so they can fly only male ants and queen ants.

The queen ants are always hiding in the deep, safe place of the nest. According to the Mainz University in Germany, only the queen ants can lay eggs, and the only thing the queen ants do is breed. Until the time of mating, the queen ants become adult ants, and once they become adult ants, they concentrate on laying eggs until they form a complete cluster. When the new queen has finished mating, the wings are cut off naturally and can no longer fly.

The ant kingdom also has its own army. Ants also attack, fight and conquer other ants. Victorious communities take the eggs of defeated communities and bring them back to their nest. And when another group of eggs hatch, they are called 'ant slaves'.

Once the nest is destroyed, workers and pupae are moved to escape danger. Then, they build a new nest with effort. You usually choose logs, dirt, hollow trees, etc. that are dead in your new nest.

When the ants march towards a certain direction, they are perfectly aligned. Even if a person jogs a little bit, the ants will soon line up again and continue the march. This is possible because ants communicate through a special chemical signal called pheromone.

Workers who leave the nest to save food leave pheromone traces for other ants to follow.

The ant leaves traces of pheromones so that they can return to their nests whenever they roam around to save food. And when another ant smells of pheromone, he moves along the path and leaves his smell again. As a result, the smell of pheromones becomes stronger and stronger. The ants distinguish whether their trace can be trusted depending on the degree of pheromone smell.

The same is true of new nests. Ants send out scouts to find a place to build a new nest. Scout ants leave pheromones for other ants to return to their previous home. When the Scout Ants find a new place and the other ants agree with it, the place is decided.

You can try this out. If you see the ranks of the ants, erase the paths of the ants with the eraser. The ants stop precisely at the exact point they erased with the eraser. You can see that the movement of the ants is confusing.

Ants are ordinary people, but if you take a deep look at their lives, you can see how organized they are.

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