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The initial symptoms of varicose veins can be misinterpreted as mere calf pain, so be careful. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lower limb varicose veins refer to a disease in which veins in the lower part of the legs protrude and protrude out of the skin. This symptom is a vascular disease in which blood flow is reversed due to abnormal function of intravenous valve or blood vessels are rapidly enlarged. It is easy to say that the blood in the legs does not rise to the heart in the blood vessels, it is refluxing, and the veins of the legs swell up.

Excessive exercise may cause varicose veins in a variety of causes. Source: Flickr

Generally, when an elderly person or an overdosed person exercises, this leg vein symptom appears. Varicose veins are important to catch early on. However, there is a leg vein, it can not be called a varicose vein. Let's look more closely at early symptoms of varicose veins.

Blue blood in the legs, 'varicose veins in the legs'

Varicose vein pain usually feels like calf muscle pain, but its appearance is fundamentally different. While calf muscle pain occurs at specific muscle sites, varicose vein pain accompanies not only calf edema, but also fatigue and pain in the feet and legs. In severe cases, it wakes up at dawn, changes color to black, and if it goes wrong, skin ulcers may occur.

The cause of varicose veins is difficult to define as one. Obesity caused by excessive exercise or lack of exercise can be considered as a cause of decreased blood vessel regulating ability, and it is often seen in a service worker who has been standing for a long time or a driver who is sitting for a long time. In this case, early symptoms of the varicose veins to treat the right to find the appropriate mitigation can be.

Symptoms of varicose veins, right leg vein, left leg is normal leg blood vessels ▲ Source = Wikipedia Media Commons

However, the story is different for secondary varicose veins with heart arrhythmia or congenital vascular malformations. In this case, the appearance is very different from that of the normal leg vein. Even if the initial symptoms of varicose veins in general are present, these serious causes may be present and careful examination is necessary.

There are other diseases besides varicose veins in vein diseases. The veins from the testes of men are enlarged and twisted together, which is a very common disease. Vesicular varices can cause sperm production and cause sperm activity or movement to be infertile. However, if you do not have any special reason such as infertility or pain, you do not have to treat it.

It is also a good idea to use compression stockings for varicose veins. ▲ Source: Wikimedia Commons

Treatment of varicose veins is usually medication, but when symptoms are severe, varicose veins need to find a hospital and venous surgery. Varicose vein surgery can be done by removing the blood vessels directly from the incision, laser surgery to treat the reflux using laser beam, high frequency laser surgery, and venac surgery using special adhesives. Generally, incision surgery or laser surgery is performed, but expensive high-frequency surgery or laser surgery is also performed.

Treatment and prevention of varicose veins

Early varicose veins may be treated with compression stockings or elastic stockings for the treatment of varicose veins. There are a lot of doubts about compression stocking effect, but it is more effective than I thought. However, even if surgery is necessary, it is not a fundamental treatment to wear it just because it has a compression stocking effect.

If varicose vein symptoms become severe, surgery should be considered. Source:

If you need to stand for long periods of time, avoid standing habits or twisting your legs and if you have to stand inevitably for long periods, you should wear pressure stockings or stretch them occasionally. In this way, too tight clothing or high heels can make varicose veins worse, so be careful.

Early varicose veins can be relieved or prevented at this early stage. In addition, there may be cases of varicose veins during pregnancy. In this case, it may remain after delivery.

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