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[Health] Delicious potatoes, let’s go home

Source: Pixar Bay

Potato cuisine is popular with everyone. From potatoes to deep-fried potatoes, you can try potatoes in your own courtyard, which you can cook easily. However, if the garden is too small, it may be unsuitable for planting. Let's use big bags, packs and bags. Alternatively, a container of the appropriate size may be used.

We introduce how to plant potatoes.

1. You can buy a bag or container for potatoes that is suitable for the market, but you can also make a bag or bag that you can reform at home. Put the soil in the bag and shake it up and down to prepare it.

2. It is best to mix the soil with potatoes properly. First, pour a mixture of soil mixed with compost, fill it with a thin layer, and add another layer of potato seeds on top of it. After that, replenish the soil mixture again. At this time, the seeds should be covered and watered.

3. When the potato buds begin to appear on the soil, fill in more soil mixture. It should be noted that when the potato begins to grow, the light should not touch it. When light comes in contact with the potato, it turns green and produces a toxin, Solanin. If green potato appears, make sure to find it immediately.

4. After that, the potato will bloom. Wait until the flowers are blooming and leave them until they are sown. This is a signal for harvest. You can open a large sheet of paper and harvest potatoes on it. Take the potatoes carefully, keeping them in a cool, dry place. The stored potatoes can be washed and used only once when cooking.

Potato harvested and remaining soil can be reused for subsequent cultivation. You can put it back in your bag or bag.

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