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It is very important for children to have play time. Parents should also play the children's favorite playmates. Each moment you spend with children is a very special time for both parents and children. But does play time really help children's development and growth? If so, what is the appropriate time to play with children in one day?

You do not have to play with your kids all year round.

Rajini Sarvananthan, a pediatrician who is the representative and consultant of the Malaysian pediatric association, said in a recent study that creative play will change the things children play with each day. This means that parents should play with their children every day. However, the US media Huffington Post says it is not necessary to have fun with children throughout the year. Children may like to participate in family activities every day, but parents have assumed that family activities may not always be comfortable because there are other things to do.

Therefore, it is recommended to do simple housework together with children. Children can also think of housework as a play time. For example, children can work with vacuum cleaners, floor mops, and washing dishes. Although it is not always going to be a household chores, it is desirable to have time to do housework separately according to the schedule.

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Playtime enhances mental health of your child

Sarvantan also argues that allowing children time to play gives them freedom to express themselves, so they can improve their children's emotional health. The play time is said to be the most important time in your child's life for the first few years.

Dr. Sarvantan added that play time will affect how a child will grow up later on and become more creative, adding that play has ample opportunity to explore, experience and express oneself. He also said that during the play, creative thinking and imagination are needed.

A variety of experiences stimulate children's sensory organs

Dr. Sarvantan advised parents to join them in outdoor activities, paint them, and draw pictures. Parents are also encouraged to listen to music with their children so they can identify their favorite areas, or watch their way through creativity using blocks, clay, and paper.

Trying a variety of activities not only means that children have diverse experiences, but they also stimulate children's senses. Parents can provide their children with new ideas to build their imagination. Dr. Sarvantan said that various experiences include not only materials and places, but also with others. These experiences help your child to develop physically and socially.

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How to tell if your kids need time to play

If you want to know if your child needs time for play, you can watch their behavior. When you ask yourself to look at yourself or ask for something, it means that your child wants the attention and time of the parents. A child may also ask parents to sit down and read books together or play with a toy car.

What if you do not want to play with your child?

Parents who do not like to play with their children may be the present, perhaps reflected in their childhood. Have you ever been asked to play with your parents when you were a child, but have you ever been refused? If you have not let go of your feelings accumulated from a long time ago, you should now have the strength and time to relax your childhood feelings and play with your children. However, if the condition is really bad, it is a good idea to set aside time for yourself so that you are not tired of playing with your child.

Prepare your own time as a parent

Parents do not always have the same energy as a child, so it's probably natural that they can not play for hours. Suppose you spend at least five minutes in intense play and you can play with your kids for about 30 minutes at least once a week. As mentioned above, playing with the children depends on parents. If you are really tired, you should just be able to tell the child honestly. If so, what should you do when your child is crying and swarming for more? In such a case, it is necessary to meet the children's eye level. If you tell the child that "Mom or Dad is angry" in a soft tone, their turmoil will end.

On the other hand, the Huffington Post emphasized that children should not change their play time for educational purposes unless they are really flocking and turbulent. The quick and easy formula for playing with your child does not really exist, but the children will appreciate the happy time they spend with their parents. So, it is good to have some fun and keep the balance together as the children demand.

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