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[HEALTH] Does “brain games” really improve mental health?

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

It is well known that aging is related to forgetfulness. Various brain training games, such as painting pictures, solving sudoku puzzles and playing online games, can help prevent mental decline and improve cognitive abilities. But the question is whether these things really work.

You can not clearly say yes or no to this question.

"There are studies showing that there is some correlation between specific activities and brain health, but there is no definitive study showing evidence that this type of activity will make the brain healthier," said Neil Surgical Neurosurgeon Adam Lipson of the United States.

But some people believe that brain training games keep the brain healthy. In fact, the web and mobile program Lumosity, which is popular with brain training games, advertises to improve brain function and has 85 million subscribers.

On the contrary, experts suspect that this kind of game is mainly aimed at making money. Recently, the US Federal Trade Commission charged Rumo City with a fine of $ 2 million (about 2.3 billion won) in 2016, charged with fraudulent advertising.

"I can not conclude that this game improves memory or intelligence or cognitive abilities, but it is certainly not a detriment to intelligence or cognitive ability," Lipson said. Many people have participated in the game and there are a number of subjective reports that have helped them a certain way. "

Actually, the activities recommended by experts, which have a positive effect on brain activity, include painting, chess, stalking games, physical activity, meditation, healthy eating, and new attempts to play a piano or learn a foreign language .

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