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UNESCO head Irena Bokova warned that Syrian archaeological sites are being looted on a massive scale, and Islamic state extremists (ISs) who have plundered them are using proceeds as their working capital. The satellites were caught in a series of illegal excavations at archaeological sites in Syria.

Bokova stressed that preventing cultural heritage from being illegally sold is a top priority. It is because we have to stop the financing of IS.

Syria is the cradle of human civilization and has six UNESCO World Heritage sites and various artifacts.

Archeologist Ma'am Abdul Kalim said that the activities of the IS could completely erase a page of human history, and that many artifacts and statues are being destroyed in various sites such as Aleppo and Bosra.

Strong smell

The Guardian reported that dogs are playing an important role in detecting drugs and explosives using their excellent sense of smell. And in the United States, he established a research program that trains dogs to detect ancient treasures and artifacts that have been plundered by Syria and Iraq's IS. The name of the program is 'K9 Artifact Finders'. The Penn Vet Working Dog Center at the University of Pennsylvania will participate in the program.

The program utilizes the olfactory sense to discover cultural heritage stored in transport containers, cargo boxes, mailboxes and baggage. Archaeologist Michael Danty explained that dogs will learn how to detect the target smell.

Leading the program with the Penguin Dog Center is the non-profit Red Arch. The founder of Red Arch, Rick Hillere, came up with the idea that a dog had found an electronic product and came up with the idea that dogs could find artifacts. Cynthia Otto of the Penguin Dog Center was convinced that the program would be a landmark program.

▲ Source = Flickr

Dog nose

There are nostrils and nasal cavities in the dog's nose that absorb air and smell. The olfactory receptor cells are distributed throughout the olfactory epithelium in the nasal cavity.

The olfactory nerve is abundantly distributed in the olfactory part of the nasal mucosa, which connects to the olfactory lobe of the brain. The number of olfactory leaves is considerably developed.

There is another organ in the nose of the nose, called the goebi organ. It is often called the Jacobson organ. This organ is an elongated organ connected to the mouth of the mouth and nose.

The olfactory receptors of nostrils and olfactory receptors are slightly different. Neurons of the olfactory receptors of the nostril have numerous mucus-covered cilia. On the olfactory receptor cells of the thymus, there are microvilli and no cilia.

The olfactory receptor cells of the thighbone organ stimulate areas of the hypothalamus associated with sexual and social behavior. In other words, the dog uses this organ to smell the hormones and obtain information about the other person.

The nose is moist and cool. The mucous membrane secretes water in the nasal cavity, making molecules in the air moist and inducing the molecule to make good contact with the olfactory epithelial cells in the nose.

As a result, dogs can detect odors well. However, when the dog is smelling the smell, the normal breathing process is interrupted. When you do that, take a quick, short breath and relax.

Beneath the bones of the dog's nose is a pouch that collects odor molecules from the nasal cavity after inhaling air or breathing. Odor molecules in the pouch are transferred to the brain by the olfactory receptors.

Odor molecules transferred to the olfactory epithelium of the nasal passageway are collected in the mucous layer and spread to the ciliates of the receptor neurons.

Through these interactions, the dog tracks the smell and trail along the nerve impulses delivered to the brain via the olfactory nerve.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Excellent breed of dogs

The following dog breeds are famous for their excellent smell.

1. Dachshund

2. German short hair pointer

3. English Springer Spaniel

4. Kunhound

5. Labrador Retriever

6. Bellini Malinoise

7. German Shepherd

8. Beagle

9. Basset Hound

10. Bloodhound

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