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[Health] detox and body toxin removal efficacy excellent food for inflammation ‘Noni’, how to eat and how to make noni juice


What is Noni?

The top model Miranda's body secret recipe, Paleo Superfood Noni Diet has recently become a celebrity diet diet. 'Noni Diet' is a dietary intake of anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, anti-detoxification Noni. The body's toxin elimination effect, weight loss, as well as detoxification and inflammation of noni, which is good food and side effects, how to eat, how to make noni juice is introduced.

Noni efficacy

Noni is excellent in blood cholesterol and body fat decomposition, and is effective in weight loss and effective short-term diet. It is rich in dietary fiber and can be used as a good food for constipation. Noni's efficacy is also anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic, which can also help treat atopy and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, more than 200 ingredients such as vitamins, calcium, and high immunity to food is a good way to increase immunity if you eat steadily.

How to eat Noni

Noni fruit, including organic noni, because it smells odorless and tasteless, it is rather difficult to eat the raw juice and raw noni. Therefore, it is recommended to choose according to your taste among the products that are sold on the market such as △ Gunnni △ Noni juice △ Noni tea △ Noni nutrient △ Noni powder △ Noni granule △ Noni △ Noni juice. An Internet shopping mall or a large shopping mall is known to be a place for Noni, and noni nutritional products can be purchased through noni straight

How to make detox noni juice

How to make noni detox juice is simple. 1/2 of apples, 1/4 of broccoli, 1/3 of carrots, and 300 ml of water are put into a mixer and you can see a detox diet effect.

Noni Side Effects

In the past, toxic substances caused by noni-noni trees have been controversial, but there are still no reports of disease or complications. However, if you take on an empty stomach or liver and kidney disease, you should not eat as much as possible noni.

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