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[Health] Frequent stomatitis causes and symptoms, good for stomatitis


Lips or mouth, tongue stomatitis, has a sore pain. Because of stomatitis, there are a lot of people who want to find a hospital or to get a treatment effect with Alboil. Let's take a look at the "Illness", a disease that can be taken lightly but routinely, causes of stomatitis, how to heal stomatitis quickly, and food that is good for stomatitis.

Why stomatitis occurs

The tongue and oral mucosa show that you can see your whole body's health. If stomatitis develops, it may be not just oral disease, but also other bodily organs. The causes of stomatitis include stress, fatigue, and decreased immunity. In addition, vitamin B12, iron and folic acid and lack of nutrients such as stomatitis may occur in the tongue.

Stomatitis How to heal quickly Stomatitis People who have suffered pain know. Sometimes it smells in the mouth, with pain in the mouth and burning sensation in the mouth. Stomatitis How to heal quickly, to prevent stomatitis, you should eat enough vitamins and water. Avoid spicy, spicy foods, snacks, and nuts that stimulate the oral mucosa as much as possible. Rinse mouth with a gargle after brushing helps to relieve inflammation. The same is true of baby stomach cramps.

Stomatologic food

If you have stomatitis, it is good to eat foods rich in vitamin B. You can supplement vitamin B by eating drops of tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, eggs, salmon, peanuts, and spinach. In addition, habits of eating banana and honey are good for preventing stomatitis. However, it is better to avoid nuts known as nutritious snacks. Because nuts can stimulate stomatitis even more.

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