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It is a good thing to trim your hairstyle before going out. When I look at the mirror and create my own mood, I am filled with the expectation of future meetings. But what if you are sighing while looking at the hair that has fallen on the floor?

A dermatologist said, "It is normal for adults to lose more than 100 hairs a day." However, if you begin to see symptoms of thinning hair or falling into a bundle, it is important to find a way.

You may not have a problem with your hair. If you are constantly looking into the parietal cortex, do not worry about it. Let's find out how to prevent and treat hair loss. The following is a method to prevent hair loss, which is revealed by dermatologist Shirley Hicks Graham.

Hair loss treatment, you need to know from the cause

Dr. Graham pointed out that if hair is tied too tightly or stained frequently, hair roots and hair may be damaged. Then he ordered "to tie the head gently, and to avoid the braided head as much as possible". Also, when dyeing, you should choose a hair dye that is appropriate for your mood and advise you to avoid coloring too often. I also ordered the dyes to be dyed by a beauty expert as much as possible.

It is also important to dry your hair well before styling. Excessive use of the dryer is a shortcut to damage your hair. Hair is easily broken by high temperature. One beauty expert said, "Using a styling tool can cause damage to both hair and hair follicles if they go above 150 degrees Celsius." To prevent this, it is good to dry your hair by lowering the temperature.

The type of food also affects hair health. "It is nutrition that is as beneficial as hair loss treatment," said Lisa Rhodes, a hair transplant specialist. If the iron is not enough, the oxygen supply to the hair and scalp does not become smooth, which can lead to hair loss. Keep in mind that you need enough nutrients in your hair to prevent hair loss.

It is also helpful to use hair loss prevention shampoo. If you set your day every week and manage your hair with a good shampoo for hair loss, you can make your hair healthy longer.

Hair transplantation, incision? Non-incision?

If you can not see the effect of the above method, it is better to get a doctor's help. Progressive hair loss can be solved through hair transplantation. There are two main methods of hair transplantation. Immediate incision is hair transplantation and non-incision hair transplantation.

An incision transplant is a method of extracting a hair follicle by cutting the scalp of a relatively thin and inconspicuous nape. It has the advantage of being able to transplant a large amount of hair with relatively short operation time. However, there is a drawback that the scar can remain and the recovery period is long.

Non-incision transplantation is a method of harvesting hair after surgery without surgery. Immediately after the operation, there is no evidence of a trauma, so it can be implanted very naturally and there is no scar. However, the amount of graft is lower than incision transplantation, and grafted hair may fall, so caution is necessary. Experts say that both methods have advantages and disadvantages and that it is important to choose the right method for them. Therefore, I advised that I should proceed with hair loss treatment based on consultation of a specialist rather than worrying alone.

Beyond the factors that determine appearance, hair also stimulates confidence in interpersonal relationships. You will have to pay attention and effort to maintain your unique style and style with healthy hair care.

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