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[Health] Common infants and childhood otitis media, what symptoms should you know?


Otitis media is an inflammatory disease of the middle ear, an organ of the ear. It occurs mainly in infants and young children, children and pregnant women who have weak immunity, such as neonatal otitis media or otitis media.

When otitis media develops, the ears become swollen and hot, causing tears or pain. Severe otitis media can cause hearing loss as well as permanent hearing loss.

Source: Packels

Symptoms of otitis media

According to Medison, the mediastinitis symptoms are caused by colds and the like. The increased mucus in the ear causes the eustachian tube to inflate the eustachian tube and cause irritation to the ear.

Symptoms also differ depending on the two main types of otitis media: acute otitis media (AOM) and otitis media (OME).

Symptoms of acute otitis media include ▲ headache ▲ headache ▲ high fever ▲ excitement ▲ loss of appetite ▲ vomiting ▲ diarrhea. Symptoms of ears or sore ears are symptoms of childhood otitis media.

Symptoms of otitis media include ▲ hearing loss ▲ tinnitus ▲ dizziness ▲ ear pain.

If these symptoms are neglected or if otitis is delayed, inflammation may spread to the eardrum and ear surgery or otitis surgery.

In particular, more attention should be paid to the otitis media in infants and young children.

Source: Packels

Good food for otitis media

Joseph Pizano Jr., a nutritionist, claimed in his book, "Otitis Media Clinical Guide," that diet is effective in treating otitis media. PIZZO NO JUNIOR says it can help the immune system by strengthening the immune system ▲ ▲ citrus ▲ cabbage ▲ mustard vegetables ▲ pepper ▲ broccoli ▲ collie ▲ bean sprouts ▲ papaya can help.

Food that aggravates otitis media

Meanwhile, PizzaNo Jr. pointed out that foods that can aggravate otitis media include milk, dairy products, eggs, wheat, corn, peanut butter, dried fruit, sugar, honey and fruit juice.

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