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It is already well known that a breakfast of high-energy diets is beneficial not only in the balance of blood sugar but also in weight loss. However, a recent study found that high-energy breakfasts are also effective in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

High energy breakfast

A high-energy breakfast is a diet that usually contains protein, slowly digested carbohydrates, and fiber. Typically, a vegetable omelet and a piece of whole grain bread can be a good example. This diet expands the body all the way to full energy without giving the feeling of bloating all the time.

In addition, experiments conducted by the University of Tel Aviv researchers have confirmed that people with weight problems and those with type 2 diabetes also benefit from breakfast.

The researchers conducted experiments with 11 diabetics and 18 obese men with type 2 diabetes and obese people who were treated with insulin hormones over the age of 69 years. Participants were randomly assigned to one of two diets prepared for weight loss for three months.

These two diets, B and 6M, all contain the same calories. In the case of the B diet, the breakfast was set aside, lunch as usual, and dinner as less, while the 6M diet was a standard formula for weight loss and diabetes, with three small portions of the food distributed 6 times a day Respectively. In addition, glucose levels were recorded every day for the first two weeks and every two weeks thereafter.

Three months later, the researchers measured body weight and found that the B diet group decreased by 5 kg and the 6M diet group increased by 1.4 kg.

Daniela Jakubowicz, a professor at the Tel Aviv School of Medicine who led the study, pointed out that it is more important to know when to eat and how often to eat than what to eat and how many calories to eat. He emphasized that the metabolism of the body changes all day, and that one piece of bread in the morning is less fat than a piece of bread to eat in the evening because it lowers the glucose level.

Participants' glucose levels also changed. Mean glucose levels in the B diet group dropped from 131 to 107 during sleep, but no significant change was seen in the 6M diet group. In addition, the B diet group reduced insulin treatment from 54.7 to 34.8 units per day, but increased from 67.8 to 70 in the 6M diet group.

Another change is that participants in the B-diet group were less likely to crave or hunger for carbohydrates. In the 6M diet group, however, it increased. The blood glucose level (blood sugar level) of the B diet group also greatly decreased within 14 days.

Professor Yakubović has shown that type B diets, which consist of high-energy morning and average-volume lunches and small quantities of evening meal, have a faster and more positive effect on obesity-insulin-treated type 2 diabetics .

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Effective Breakfast

Harvard University in the United States offered the following menu for breakfast, which offers high energy and nutrients.

1. Hole grain

The whole grains (whole grains) are good for breakfast because they are made up of high fiber, which not only keeps your blood glucose levels under control but also prevents energy collisions after hours.

2. Greek yogurt

Add protein foods such as one egg to a Greek yogurt to help control tissue and organ. Eggs are effective because they contain essential nutrients such as protein and vitamins. In addition, nuts and salmon can be good supplements. However, in the case of processed meat, there is a risk of specific diseases such as heart disease and colon cancer.

3. Oatmeal, cereal

It is better to eat foods such as oatmeal or cereal rather than fast food. Fast-food products contain a lot of sodium and little fiber, which is not good for your health.

4. Smoothie

If you want to change your diet, it's a good idea to mix fruit, juice, yogurt, and other ingredients to make smoothies. Add ice to the mixer to make it a fresh, high-energy food.

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