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[Health] High Fat Low Carbohydrate Diet, Ketogen Diet … What is the secret of low carbon highland?


Ketjenic diet is one of the low-carb high-fat diets. The blood sugar can be lowered in a short period of time, and it is recommended by the National Circulation Center of Japan, the Duke University research team and the like. This diet is effective for diabetes, fatty liver and obesity treatment.

The role of ketosis

Ketosys is using the province as a major energy source. Until now, people's main energy source is contrary to the common sense of carbohydrates, but here is the key to ketojenic diet. Increasing fat intake instead of carbohydrates will use stored fat as a major source of body fat.

Benefits of keto-genic diet

The ketogenic diet has advantages in weight loss because it uses body fat as an energy source. Controls blood sugar and prevents diabetes as much as eating low calorie foods. Ketogenic diet improves a person's mental achievement or concentration. By supplying better energy to the body, it increases triglyceride levels and makes the skin better.

Is keto-genic diet safe?

Many experts believe that keto-genic diet is not harmful. Ketogenic diets are safe for people who are overweight. It is because the state that carries the body to the state of ketosis is extreme carbohydrate shortage state.

Ketojenic diet food

It is important to reduce carbohydrate intake to get your body into a ketosis state. Foods that can be eaten during a keto-genetic diet include meat, leafy vegetables, high-fat dairy products, seeds and nuts, avocados, low-carbohydrate sweeteners, and coconut oil. Foods to avoid include cereals, sugar, beans, oranges, bananas, and apples.

How do you maintain your keto-genic diet plan?

Body The body consumes body fat stored throughout the day while the resulting ketone provides fuel to the brain efficiently. Therefore, it is different from myth that you should eat rice in time. When you start to produce ketones by burning fat as a fuel, you can feel full and feel refreshed with one or two meals a day.

What are the side effects of a ketogenic diet?

When you start a keto-genic diet, the way your body moves completely changes. During the transition period, the body uses stored glycogen. During the first weeks of keto-genetic diet, you may experience adverse effects from food intake. Physical weakness, dizziness, mental instability, and headache. To prevent this side effect, you should eat some sodium.

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