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It has been found that certain genes are available to help longevity over 100.

Researchers in the Netherlands, Reiden, have come to the conclusion in a study of elderly people over the age of 100 and their families. The researchers found that genes more than 100 years old are likely to be included in the deoxyribose DNA.

The latest US demographic in 2015 reported that there are 78,000 people in the US who have longevity genes. They also expect to double in 2030.

Yale University and Wayne University also conducted health and longevity research. In addition to genes, these studies included factors such as blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index, and cholesterol. The researchers evaluated the genetic risk inherent to modern people's fear of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

Yale researchers pointed out that besides the genetic part, stress - free life would be the main cause of longevity. Stress can also lead to heart attack or stroke. It is also necessary to properly relieve the stress so that extreme stress does not affect the onset of stroke.

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It is important to avoid stress from healthy hobbies that help mental health, and to refrain from reliance on high calorie foods, alcohol, and tobacco to relieve stress.

The researchers said that exercise three times a week, once for 30 minutes or more, increases agility, strength, balance and increases bone mineral density. Examples of recommended exercises include walking, jogging, tennis, yoga, and pilates. However, he pointed out that radical exercise rather harms bone health. In the early days, it was advised to lighten the intensity gradually, to increase the amount of exercise, and to not forget the preparatory exercise before the start and the exercise after the end. The secret of longevity

Wein and colleagues say that a single gene does not influence longevity, but that there is a high probability of longevity when certain specific genes are combined.

One of the respondents in the study was Edel Peak, who lives in New York State. She is 107 years old and is still healthy enough to have a birthday party with her neighbors. She retired from the US Department of Education in 1941 at the age of 70, and for the next 24 years served as an administrative assistant to the University of Marymont in Manhattan. She has three children over the age of 70.

These genes have been shown to reduce adverse effects such as smoking and bad eating habits, and to delay the onset of cancer and heart disease by up to 30 years. However, the combination is extremely rare, with only one person per 10,000 people living outside the age of 100, the researchers said.

But Wayne University researchers also stressed that they can not live without healthy lifestyles. Other experts have agreed to this opinion. "No matter how good the genes are, you will not be able to live until you are 100, unless you have a good diet," said Thomas Pulse, head of New England Centennial Studies at the Boston Medical Center. Gene and environment

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The Albert Einstein College of Medicine aging laboratory in the Bronx, New York, analyzed genes and the environment. They have proved that genes are important, but their daily routines are more important than genes.

A study conducted by Albert Enchanted College showed that most people over 100 years of age were non-smokers and had a healthy lifestyle.

The researchers also pointed out that when eating food, the sodium intake should not exceed the recommended daily dose of 2,000 mg. Noodles, hot springs, and salted fish have a high sodium content, so it is easy to exceed the daily recommended amount of one meal.

It is also important to refrain from fatty foods and reduce carbohydrate intake. Particularly, aerobic exercise such as jogging, alarm, swimming should be steady to reduce body fat.

Bauffel, a researcher at Albert Ente College, said marriage is also linked to longevity. Dr. Bauffel says a married couple living together longer lives longer than a couple who does not. They argue that the better the marital relationship, the more happily they live together.

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