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[Issue] Pearl hamster, short-lived but cute pet


Hamsters are a common name for the mammals of the silkworm. Golden hamsters are the most popular and representative hamster species. In the wild, there are many natural enemies that hide in the cave during the day and take sleep and act in the evening. In recent years, pearl hamster varieties have become popular as pets.

Types of hamsters

Hamsters are different in size, color and personality. Syrian hamsters are easy to raise as pets and are safe. But because they tend to fight each other, they should be alone if they are about 10 weeks old. Unlike this kind of hamster, Dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters and Frodo Campbellies are more sociable. But when you are insecure, you tend to bite something. Dwarf Winter White Russian hamsters are social but do not bite anything. If your child likes to observe rather than playing with a hamster, a Roborovsky dwarf hamster is appropriate. These hamsters are usually nocturnal.

▲ Perl hamster (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Individuality of Perl Hamsters

Perl hamsters are generally shy and should be kept in a safe and quiet corner. This type of hamster is nocturnal and should have wheels for exercise. Because they are always looking for a companion, we must put the same kind of hamsters on us.

▲ Perl hamsters live for about 2 years (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Size and color of pearl hamster

Pearl hamster grows to 5cm ~ 7cm and weighs 30g. Usually the pearl hamster is black, gray and white. It has a round and elliptical shape, is soft and has few hairs.

▲ Pearl hamster looking for food (source = Wikipedia Commons)

Lifespan of a perl hamster

Pearl hamsters usually live for two years because of their short life span. The life span of a pearl hamster depends on genes, health and nutrition, residential environment, exercise, and happiness. Hamsters do not need care and attention unlike dogs.

▲ Golden hamster on the table (Source: Pixar Bay)

Golden hamster

Golden hamsters are popular as pets. I have short, strong legs with sharp toenails and my body is fat. This hamster is 18cm and weighs 100g. In the wild, golden hamsters are mostly nocturnal and oyster themselves. They eat seeds and fruits to survive. Carry the food with a cheek pocket and put it in the oyster to eat during the winter.

▲ Jeongryan hamster (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Jeongryang Hamster

Jeongryan hamsters are popular as pets in North America and Europe. This hamster is social and quiet. The Jeongryan hamsters are very small compared to the Syrian hamsters of 10cm to 12cm in length. The average weight of females is 35g at 18g and the weight of males is between 20g and 50g. The Jeongryan hamster has a life span of one to three years. Before buying a hamster, it is good to make sure your eyes and nose are clear.

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