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Special day eating steak ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

Special meals are available on special days. Of the various menus, the steak is a special meal that comes up when you eat out because it has a rather expensive price and a luxurious image. Many people find steak restaurants to eat tasty steaks, but if you refer to how to bake steaks, you can make steaks similar to what you eat at a steak restaurant at home. I will show you how to become a stake expert.

The variety of steak beef varies. Source: Pixar Bay

How to choose meat for steak

To make good steak, it is important to know the kind of beef for steak. This is because the texture and flavor varies depending on the meat type. For the steak meat, you can choose various portions such as ▲ safe steak, sirloin steak, mutual steak, T-bone steak, and Korean beef steak. There is a sirloin steak in the area that it is easy to touch for steak with low price and high flavor. The tenderloin steak is a precious piece that is only about 5kg from a cow, and features soft meat and a light taste. Many of the stakes that are sold in restaurants are famous for their anecdotes that the British King Charles II admired for his steak taste. The T-bone steak is a steak in the middle of a "T" shaped bone. It is a meat area where you can enjoy a lot of beef and relief together.

Premium aging to taste steak ▲ Source: Pixar Bay

Special taste of steak meat 'Dry aging'

There are dry aging and wet aging methods for ripening steaks. Wet aging is a method of aging in a plastic wrap. In the case of dry aging, the meat is matured for at least 28 days in a refrigerator that maintains a constant humidity of about 4 degrees Celsius. The moisture is lost and the flavor of the meat is enriched and the meat is softened. have.

If you know how to cook steak, you can enjoy it at home. ▲ Source = Pixar Bay

How to bake steak

The way the steak meat is baked as varied and the steak sauce is also different. It is a good idea to keep the steak pre-cooked at room temperature in order to make the steak that is crusted, crisp and juicy. When steak in refrigerator is hot oven and it goes up to frying pan, delicious outer surface can burn easily and can not burn delicious steak. It is best to bake when the cold energy of the meat is gone. Also, before cooking steak, do not bake the meat as it is, but sprinkle with olive oil, coarse salt, paprika and other seasonings. When you cook the steak, you must put it on a high heat and cook it to prevent the juice from falling out. After you have cooked the surface of the bulb, you can adjust the baking with rare or medium to suit your taste. Asparagus, rosemary and other garnishes are baked together to make a good steak. Rather than chopping cooked steak meat for five minutes or more, you can feel the flavor of gravy and steak. 'T-bone steak' has relief and sirloin, so anyone who knows how to bake sirloin and how to bake it can bake and taste it properly.

Let's make a steak-like sauce at home. Source: Pixar Bay

Sauce for a steak

A well-baked steak is delicious in itself, but if it is accompanied by a matching steak sauce, the taste will become richer. The best sources for the steak are: Demiglass sauce, Worcester sauce, Hall grained mustard sauce, and Gravy sauce. Demiglass sauce can be called the main steak sauce, representing brown sauce to match meat.

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