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Sphinx cats (source = Wikimedia Commons)

A sphinx cat with a mysterious charm is a cat with little hair that looks like a naked body. There is a somewhat ugly aspect to raising a pet because of its wrinkled shape, but this strange appearance is sometimes considered attractive to someone.

Therefore, some of the Sphinx cats are being loved by maniacs. The Sphinx cats have a muscular body, and they have a strange charm because of their elegance in movement. Moreover, it is a charm that you can feel for raising Sphinx cats when it is hard for people to meet in general. Having these unique hairs, you can feel like touching a velvet cloth if you squeeze a sphinx cat.

The Sphinx cat's head is usually wedge shaped and has cheekbones on its face. The legs are long and thin, and the tails are long. They also have eyebrows and bearded thick fur, and their eyes and ears are bigger and they gather their eyes.

Origin of Sphinx Cats

Sphinx cats, unlike their names, have roots in Canada. It is not the kind that was born in Egypt, as people think. Rather, it is believed to have originated from the original Aztec empire in Mexico. These Aztec cats have been born as a result of genetic mutations in Canada across the United States and are preserving their bloodlines to this day.

These hairless cats are also well known for their well-behaved pets. Not only do they interact well with other animals, they also have active features, but they are often seen exploring the area and chasing insects and insects. They play with toys, climb trees and show their athleticism and cleverness.

▲ Sphinx cat without hair (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

How to Care for Sphinx Cats

One common misconception about Sphinx cats is that they do not need to be cleaned and maintained due to hair shortages. However, this type of breed still needs soft love and care. Like other cats, regular weekly bathing schedules are needed, and cleaning of the ears and nail care is required.

When bathing Sphinx cats, it is good to use infant shampoo. When bathing, it is important to rinse between the skin thoroughly. If you are not planning on bathing, it is a good idea to clean the area between your skin with baby wet tissue. Sphinx cats are hairless animals, but they need to be moisturized every time the skin gets harder. So it is a good idea to apply a soft, fragrant lotion.

When cleaning your ears, it is advisable to use a cotton swab moistened with warm water and a solution of apples, apple vinegar and the like. Of course, you can also use a soft cloth moistened with this solution. Be careful not to scratch your ears when using a swab.

If you look at cats wearing t-shirts and sweaters and you think they look like fools, it's a good idea to give up planning to have a hairless cat. Clothing is important for Sphinx cats because they do not have the protective layer that most woolly cats have. In addition to winter, it is better to dress on warm summer days when you want to go outdoors. It is necessary to protect the body in the sun. Also, you should keep your sunscreen or umbrella in your hand whenever you go out. Otherwise, in the hot season, we can only grow it in the house.

Sphinx cat with wrinkled features (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

In terms of health, Sphinx cats are the cats that are blessed with a healthy body. They enjoy eating, and they like high quality food. Despite the hungry appearance, metabolism is active and healthy. The only thing a sphinx cat owner should be aware of is skin conditions, such as Uracara pigmented skin characterized by a firm inflammation of the body. In cats, malnutrition can be the cause of skin disease and can be treated with prednisolone.

Finally, Sphinx cats are sociable enough that their owners should show constant interest. These kinds of pets do not want to be alone for a long time, so be sure to include other pets when you go out.

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