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Healthy soles play a very important role in walking and working. Source: Pixar Bay

When I walk suddenly without any problem, I get embarrassed when my back pain comes. However, this is a proof that something is already happening inside the sole.

If you have a problem with your soles, finding the cause is not as easy as you think. Source: Pixar Bay

The cause of foot pain varies. It may be due to plantar fasciitis or due to various bone problems in the foot area. However, there are cases where you want to solve it simply by anti-inflammatory analgesic or stretching. If so, let's look more closely at symptoms and causes of foot pain.

Various causes of foot pain

First, when the front of the soles of the foot comes to suspect, it is a telangiectasia. The karyotypic nerve is the nerve that passes between the toes literally. Cryptogenic neuroma is caused by excessive stress on the sensory nerves of the toes, especially in the second, third and fourth toes. There are a variety of reasons for the occurrence of intertriginous neurons, but it can be the most likely cause of wearing narrow shoes. It is also likely that walking habits that continue to press on the front without using the entire foot.

Pain in the soles can be thought of in various ways depending on the area. Source:

If you have pain in the soles of your feet or pain in the back of your soles, you may suspect plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia refers to the muscle fiber membrane that surrounds the thin muscles that extend from the heel to the toes. If you exercise extensively or get a lot of pressure on your soles, you will naturally have a strain on your plantar fascia.

In the morning, plantar fasciitis causes severe pain inside the heel, and gradually the pain gradually decreases over time. However, as the afternoon goes on and the evening comes, the pain tends to increase again. Because of the pain relief, there are cases where it is used as an anti-inflammatory medication. However, if you leave it like this, it will not be easy for you to walk later.

There are also cases where the ankle problems are linked to the soles and cause problems.

In addition, minor scapholular syndrome or an unusual ankle or Achilles tendon problem due to the problem of the soles are also in some cases.

Various stretches for soles of foot pain

There are various methods for treatment of foot pain. The simplest way is to stretch your leg muscles by holding your big toe. Even if you are wearing shoes, it is helpful to keep your toes on the stairs and keep them stretched.

Stretching after fixing the big toe helps stretch muscle. Source: Pixar Bay

Stretching that can easily be done at home is a foot-and-foot muscle massage. Use a small ball (tennis ball) that is not too hard to continue rolling on your soles. This will massage the foot muscles, as well as the toes and heels, and massage the surrounding muscles. The method of rolling an iced water bottle under the foot is also helpful for plantar muscles and fascia. Cold water bottles are a way to help increase fascia.

There is also an exercise method using a towel. The method is simple. I put a towel on the floor and use a toe to lift the towel. It is also a good idea to add a weight to give it a higher resistance. These footwork exercises can overdo your muscles if you overdo them, so you need to be as safe as you can.

When the back pain becomes worse, various methods are performed in the hospital. Generally, when there is no bone deformation, the procedure is performed. However, if you have problems with your bones or nerves, you may have to do surgery to remove the problematic areas. Therefore, if symptoms are found early, it is important to start treatment quickly.

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