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Parenting is a very difficult, energy-consuming and inevitable responsibility to parents every day. This is because it can have a significant impact on the whole life of the child, which is why parenting is important. Regardless of the parental preference, it is important to make your child more efficient so that he or she can grow up to be exciting and happy.

Four types of parenting

Research conducted by psychologist Diana Baum Lind in the 1960s is still considered to be one of the most representative studies of parenting methods. He conducted research using more than 100 participants, including naturalistic observations, parent interviews, and a variety of other ways to raise preschool children.

As a result of research, I found an important parenting style consisting of communication method, discipline strategy, expectation of parental control and maturity, and upbringing and care. We also found that most parents use only one method of parenting.

Today, parents usually use one or two styles in combination, so parenting styles are very different. Deciding on this depends on how parents perceive and view what is most needed and beneficial to their family.

And according to the research that has been conducted over the next 50 years, such other parenting styles have become more efficient depending on the results the child shows. These studies have recognized that parenting is divided into four ways in which the child takes the child and consists of authoritarian, permissive, and neglected parenting, including dictatorial care. Child development specialists analyze that authoritative parenting methods are the most emotionally effective for children.

Flexible parenting is a key soon

Of course, you can not define which kind of parenting is the best or the worst. In addition, most parents today do not even stick to one parenting method. In general, two or three methods are combined and used efficiently, so that they can flexibly choose the best solution to the given situation. Let's look at the flexibility that parents can take in the following four parenting schemes.

1. Permissive method - Thinking in the long term

Permissive parenting, which allows children to always get what they want, can harm their future behavior. Children can always think that they deserve everything. And this can make it impossible to learn important features such as patience, self-discipline, obedience, and self-control. Without these characteristics, being an adult can have a negative effect on personality formation.

At this time, you should be able to consider the long-term consequences, effects, and impacts on children. It is important to recognize that actions that are not satisfied immediately and that delay delays can allow your child to be more grateful for something. If children can have more patience in the home, they can apply it in their social life and develop their mind to care for others. This brings more benefits to the child in the long run.

2. Paternalistic care - Providing guidelines and guidelines

This type allows children to learn from their experiences and learn lessons. Parents do not actively engage or persuade their children to learn lessons from mistakes or shortcomings. However, if you make a mistake enough to make the current problem worse, you should know that it can be dangerous.

Sometimes there is a feeling that a child does not know what to do and wants to ask for help. Of course, even if you have learned some lessons, you still have a hard time seeing the whole picture and have a hard time solving the problem. To ensure that your child is not anxious in this situation, parents should be able to provide some guidance and guidance, and allow the child enough time to resolve and think for himself.

3. Dictatorial Parenting - Exerting Expressive Power

Dictatorial care is a strong style that parents tend to treat their children strictly and adhere to a relatively older generation of care. Children, however, can grow into adults who can not voice their voice in this environment. It was because they had to follow the parents' words at all times without having the opportunity to explain their opinions and thoughts.

At this time, you should not hesitate to reveal and express your love for your child all the time. It is good to keep in mind that overly rigid things can change your child's perspective. You can think that you do not have to express affection and love because you are always by your side, but the more strict you are, the more you can express your love for your child after such strictness.

4. Authoritative parenting - take a little leisurely

The authoritative way of raising is considered to be a way to raise children who are good at all in terms of behavior and expression, and at the same time, there is an expectation that a strong bond with parents and lasting confidence can be obtained. This nurturing method makes the children pay attention to everything they say and actions, so there are few other side effects or harm.

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